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More merchandise.

I wore my Avengers t-shirt today when I went grocery shopping.

I passed a mom and her daughter (probably 9-10) in the produce section, and the kid gave me kind of a weird look. When we passed again the next aisle over, I heard her say to her mom, "Did you see her shirt?" in a rather admiring tone.

Yes, little girl, it is awesome.

Also the other day I was at Walgreens and bought an Avengers folder. No reason. Just because.
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The first time I wore it I didn't get any comments, and I was kind of disappointed.

Then again, I did wear it to a staff meeting, and my coworkers were probably too embarrassed for me to say anything.
Hey, I work on a staff where one of the guys (a kindergarten teacher) regularly wears a scrubs top.
Last year I would have worn the Avengers shirt on a school day, except this year we went to uniforms for the students and I kind of feel obligated to step it up.

Randy, of the Friday scrubs, on the other hand...
I loved the school I worked at because the kids hadn't done uniforms. I love to see the kids free to dress however. They have such unique styles! :)
Having seen it both ways (actually never been to/worked at a school with uniforms) I like the uniforms. The kids have adjusted quickly and they - especially the little kiddos - look super cute. And I think the middle schools all have uniforms (due to safety concerns... I work in a poor, urban district) so it'll make it an easier transition for the older ones.
I suppose that makes sense. My school was in a richer area and the middle schools don't have uniforms. *shrug*