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Just sent the last chapter of my fic off to the incomparable madjm for beta. Once that's back, I'll do another read-through/revision - I need to deal with a few timeline things I changed my mind about midway through - and, if madjm doesn't mind, have her give it another once-over. Then I will be able to let my baby bird leave the nest!

To be honest, I've been contemplating posting a couple parts a day over the course of a week or so. Yes, I hate it when authors do that... but it's not like it's a WiP, or like I'm going to hold subsequent parts hostage for feedback. I just enjoy torturing people.

If a writer ever tells you that they don't enjoy torturing people, they're lying to you. We write mainly because torturing people is only really legal and socially acceptable when those people are fictional characters.

So here's a poll. Haven't done one of these in a long-ass time.

Spreading monster!fic out over a week, instead of blowing my entire wad at once

Absolutely, spread that baby out.
Your morals are questionable, but you make a compelling argument.
Doing this would make you worse than Hitler.

Writers: Admit it. You enjoy torturing people, don't you?

No. (But actually yes.)
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I'm so excited to read this fic!

As a fellow writer, I agree- there's nothing like torturing people!
I absolutely love torturing people. Unfortunately, I usually just end up torturing myself, which isn't as fun.

As for me, I can't wait to be absolutely devastated by your fic.
In terms of writing, self-torture can be cathartic... or it can just be uncomfortable ;)
It's always uncomfortable for me. Stomach pains, stress, full hours where I speak nothing but potential dialogue, random bouts of crying and scaring people in the grocery store....

It's not pretty.
That last one actually happened. I was food shopping, headphones in my ears, when the song that inspired the piece I was writing at the time came on. I started openly weeping in the frozen waffles section, young mothers and teenaged employees giving me a wide berth.
Lord knows what they thought or suspected. Maybe I was recently dumped, just found out I was pregnant, just having a nervous breakdown? No way they could ever know I was just overly emotional about writing a fanfiction about two vampires admitting they loved each other for the first time. /headdesk
I've had to wait so long, everyone else should, too! :)

Second, I enjoy serial fiction--it's fun to have something to look forward to every day! So I say spread it out as much as you want to. I'm just excited its not a WIP and is thus definitely going to have an ending--it's so sad when good stories are abandoned.

There's 13 parts, so if I did a part a day, that's almost 2 weeks of fic :D
Yeah, you should post it however you want! There's nothing preventing people from reading it the way they want, so you don't need to worry about it. I mean, people who enjoy reading a bit every day can have something to look forward to, while people who don't follow WIPs and like to read things all at once (like moi) can just read it when you're done posting. Everybody wins! And yes, it's super nice to know that it's not a true WIP, so there's an end in sight when I will actually be able to read the story. :D
There's nothing preventing people from reading it the way they want, so you don't need to worry about it.

You also make compelling points!
Oftentimes when an author posts in parts, I read a page or two into the first part and when I like it I track the story and wait until it's finished. I lose track of WIP easily. But if long and updated daily I also read WIP. So, um, if 70,770 is the actual word count, posting in installments should work fine. That's a *lot* of words. Posting that in one piece might actually scare away some readers. I'd probably post it in four or five parts as a happy medium.

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Post it however you like. I, however, will sit back and watch your LJ suspiciously until the final chapter is posted; having been suckered into starting stories that were subsequently orphaned I view all WIPs with mistrust. I won't be hurt again! :)