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Plans for the day

- Laundry, because wearing clothes to work is generally a good thing
- Dye hair, because picture day is coming up and roots are a no-go
- Take the Hermie-cat to get his shots, if I'm feeling brave... otherwise it can wait until next week
- And... finish fic? Maybe? This last scene is driving me nuts.

Last night I had a dream that I was watching SYTYCD and they did an Avengers-themed episode (hey, why not, right?). And one of the dances was this contemporary/jazz version of Clint and Natasha's fight in the Helicarrier and OMG IT WAS AWESOME.
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*nods* I think I should write in and suggest it to coincide with the DVD release ;)
I want this dance. I want someone to cosplay and create this dance and video it for all of us to LOVE.
Yup. :) It's a little much the first day and a half, but red is tricky and fades fast. After that it's a nice reddy-brown :)
Used to be natural, but life failed me and it faded as I got older... so now it's boxed. FAIL! :D

I've had grey hairs since I was 18 or so, and they drive me crazy, so I color. And I figure, if I'm going to color, it might as well be a fun color!