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Just experimenting

Well, you learn something new every day :)
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blah blah blah blah blah

No way! You're kidding me?! Well...let me tell you...blah blah blah BLAH blah blah!

I kid you not ;)
LOL. I've actually been trying to figure out how to do text cuts... I think I have it now *g*

And the icon... too much, girl, too much :D
Hehehe...thanks. Blame on JR and Frida ;)

Oh...check out pontius 's JR and Jonas one. I made them, but let her use them :)
It's an affectionate term, really! It means 'insignificant or contemptable person' from, but in our language, it signifies adorability :D
You do realize you're nuts, right?

I am? Oh so NOW someone tells me. I really should keep up with these kinds of things ;)