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That feeling you get when you want to punch something

CVJKLGVHBKJHIUY I'm going to have to rewrite that scene.

I knew I wasn't happy with it but I wasn't sure why and it just occurred to me and now I have to trash it.

*bangs head on keyboard*

*consoles herself with Renner!ass*
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*sigh* Pretty close, yeah :)

I suppose I should be thankful that I figured out the problem NOW, and not a week from now.
Renner actually positively truly made me swoooooooon yesterday (genuinely, I almost fainted, and i like to blame Renner)

So think of Renner, his arms, his ass, his smile, his crinkles, his tummy, his everything

then go write that scene!!
You know, psychologically speaking, that we never do anything accidentally. So, you actually wrote that scene incorrectly just so you would have an excuse to contemplate the Renner!ass. Next time, just admit your addiction and go straight to the Renner!ass. You'll feel better.
Any time you want to bounce ideas, I'm here. I haven't had enough creative inspiration to write any of my own stuff, but I'd love to help with something sometimes!