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Filled prompts

Multiple prompt fills; see author notes
World serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs (PG13), book_junkie007
Codename: Captain Tightpants (PG13), sgteam14283

Clint, muscle cars, grease smudges...
Stickshifts and Safety Belts (PG), sienamystic

tessaract!Clint + failsafe + "if I can just get close enough"
Failsafe (PG13), inkvoices

cooking lesson
For the Soul (Drabble) (G), allisnow
Pelmeni (G), ashen_key

dating other people/"the one i'm holding is not the one i want"
The Moon and Stars Between Us (M), sweetwatersong

Creative with knives
switch (R), bob5fic

Clint realizes Natasha has never really had a childhood/adolescence...
there's people and they're young and alive (Fluff), amanuensis1

"Where have you been all my life?"
Shelter in the Curving of my Heart (PG), sweetwatersong

“When I find a woman attractive, I have nothing to say at all..."
Empty Words (PG13), nightswhisper

When you sleep with someone you take off a lot more than your clothes.
Not a Particularly Good Girl (PG), rayruz
Just You, Not the Masks (M), cybermathwitch

bb!C/N at career day, or their child giving a report on what Mommy and Daddy do for a living
Career Day (PG), workerbee73
Better Safe (G), ashen_key
&hearts Princess in the Tower (T), [Bad username: <a href=]Here the city code is lock and load.</a>
Here the City Code is Lock and Load (M), flying_android

Shower. Or multiple showers.
Cleanliness is Next To... (T) ittykat

Rainstorms. Thunderstorms...
Eye of the Storm (PG), rayruz
like a clock in a thunderstorm (NC17), kuhori_rei

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different..."
♥ The Way You Say My Name (PG), flying_android Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

"How do you know you're in love?" "All songs make sense."
Li.ber.tas (R), anuna_81

You will always go into that tent. You will see her scar and wonder where she got it...
lost inside this forest (R), sugar_fey

sharing a cigarette
Art: My Eye on You, rayruz
Like Smoke (Drabble) (PG), allisnow

"for warmth"
A Favor for My Love (PG), sweetwatersong

What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end.
I Am Still Right Here (M), sweetwatersong

Clint loses his hearing when a mission goes wrong...
Long Day Living in Resada (PG), sweetwatersong

you're not a superhero/ saving the world to the bitter end
Not a Soldier (Drabble) (G), allisnow

Clint comforts Natasha (non-sexually) after a mission requires her to sleep with someone for information.
Just Be Quiet With Me (PG), dictator_duck
a gift like joy (PG13), kuhori_rei

Anything based on these amazing pictures by lettiebobettie
63 Clint/Natasha art icons, inkvoices

AU where it was Natasha in New Mexico when Loki arrived instead of Clint.
I Think You Worried for Me Then (T), cybermathwitch
with your finger on the world (PG), ashen_key

Chicken noodle soup.
In Sickness and in Health (G), ashen_key

"Some of your scars are mine."
some of your scars are mine (PG), workerbee73

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off...
between shadow and soul (M), workerbee73
I Love You as Certain Dark Things Are To Be Loved (R), redbrunja

Everyday I rewrite her name across my ribcage / so that those who wish to break my heart / will know who to answer to later
what a kiss is to romance (PG), dictator_duck

They say there’s wreckage washing up all along the coast / No one seems to know too much / Or who got hit the most
Wreckage (PG13), flying_android

Clint and Natasha TRY to get married for real. (Our Wedding Is Not That Fancy by Zashache)
Happy Ever After (PG13), anuna_81

Queen's Thief AU
♥ Queen of Attolia Prequel (PG13), anonymous Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Black, Red, Gold (not rated), yeomanrand

you can be the sinner and I'll be the sin
ART: The Sinner & The Sin, kl_shipper1

guitar lessons
easy as one-two-three (G) enediyne

"Easy sex, where a woman lies on a bed and you get on top of her, isn't very interesting...
conversation by other means (NC17), kuhori_rei

"What's mine is yours, just pointing it out."
Yours, Mine, Ours? (PG), book_junkie007

Tony gathers the rest of the team and announces Operation: Black Hawk. Chaos ensues.
The Elevator (PG), jacedesbff

One of them is put into some sort of sleep, be it magical our drugged, and no one can wake them up.
softly she carries me (R), workerbee73

Intimidated by Natasha, one by one the other Avengers go to Clint to get advice on how to deal with her, etc.
The Doctor is IN (PG13), lar_laughs
Of Assassins and Green Giants (PG), renegadewriter8

In war time women turn to red / swivel-up scarlet and carmine...
as a badge of a beating heart (PG), ashen_key

Natasha confronts Clint about why he spared her life.
someone else's song (R), workerbee73

Awkward, imperfect sex
the highest reaches of human endeavor (NC17), kuhori_rei

Clint cuts Natasha's hair...
It's a fresh start (PG), anuna_81
Carefully Placed Is Your Trust (PG13), inkvoices

"There's this huge space between us, and it just keeps filling up with everything that we don't say to each other."
it's a long way down (R), workerbee73

Serial killer AU
I've been raised to kill (R), alwaysenduphere

Stay at home dad/domestic but badass
Effects of maternity (PG13), anuna_81

Meeting as foster kids AU
Bows and Catapults (PG), flying_android

It is difficult for some people to accept that love is a choice...
Eight Steps to You: Nocking the Arrow (PG13), lar_laughs

Clint was obsessed with Natasha long before he ever physically laid eyes on her
♥ Agent Barton's Strictly Professional Interest (R), im_ridiculous Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Natasha was not the first Red Room girl (former or otherwise) Clint had been assigned to kill, but she was the last.
A Matching Set (PG13), cybermathwitch

Migraine. And what to do about it.
Not Tonight, Honey, I have a Headache (NC17), pixiesio
Let Him Be (G), ashen_key
Sharp and Sweet (PG13), cybermathwitch

I'd give up forever to touch you / Because I know you feel it somehow...
Eight Steps to You: Grip it Tight (PG), lar_laughs

Morse code against her (his) skin.
out to get you (R), workerbee73

I don't wanna wake up with another / but I don't wanna always wake up with you either
(Not) Always You (PG), flying_android

Clint, Natasha, music, Clint's hearing loss.
Never Prepared For This (G), 8m57w6

It's not just sexy scars the pair of them will get...
The wise are mightier than the strong (PG13), folie_lex

This photo
Best Friends Forever (unrated), anonymous

Clint leant Natasha his sweatshirt on a traumatic mission...
Pick-Me-Up (E), spysincera

Clint leaves his gloves/arm guards on during sex.
After Hours (M), workerbee73

Clint Barton, Vampire Slayer.
Clint Barton, Vampire Slayer (R), flying_android
humanity (n): a state of grace (R), sweetwatersong

put your hands on me
to have and to hold (PG13), ashen_key

Maternity could only increase Natasha's scary potential.
The Other Law We Live By (PG), ashen_key

I heard your heart beating / you were in the darkness too / So I stayed in the darkness with you
so I stayed with you (G), ashen_key

"The words 'co-dependent' and 'unhealthy' have been used to describe their relationship, which is just another way of saying 'fucked up.'"
the sweet days of sugar (PG13), bob5fic

Some male SHIELD agents say insulting things about Natasha in Clint's presence...
your heart was an open book (PG13), bob5fic

“I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other. ”
our dark evergreen (PG13), bob5fic

place me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm / for love is as strong as death
All Through the Night (PG), poppetawoppet

Two words: booty call
down time (M), workerbee73

Tony knows Natasha's with someone...
Midnight Ramblings (PG13), maxiekatt2

the very first time they make love, he touches her, tastes here, takes her, like he's done it a thousand other ways on a thousand other days.
Art is in the details (R) folie_lex

Natasha doesn't wear a diamond on her wedding finger. what does she wear instead?
Of Sparkles and Rings (and other shiny things) (G), ashen_key

Clint does get jealous sometimes, but he tries his best not to let it show. Mostly.
nothing more than a fear (PG), ashen_key

Free time, going somewhere they've never been
Drabble (or why Clint and Natasha ended up spending a month in Timbuktu) (PG), anonymous

What's past is prologue
I'll Teach You How to Flow (PG), book_junkie007

Clint teaches Natasha sign language. They practice in different places...
Our Secrets Are Our Own (PG13), lar_laughs

When they're apart, especially when they're on separate missions, they have their own clandestine ways of keeping in touch...
Communication Difficulties (PG), dictator_duck

Clint/Natasha Polyamory or open relationship...
The Line We Walk (PG13), nightswhisper

Dragonriders of Pern AU
Brown and Gold (T), cybermathwitch

But all I’ve ever learned from love / Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you
Eight Steps to You: Assume the Correct Stance (PG13), lar_laughs

Leviathan AU
Scenes from a Leviathan (unrated), dictator_duck

Fantasy or Sci-Fi AU/Crossover/Fusion ANYTHING
the waters and the wild (R), ashen_key

"And the history books forgot about us"/Cities that are not Budapest
Six Cities That Are Not Budapest (PG13), igrockspock

Before she joined SHEILD, Natasha was trained to use sex as a weapon, and she'd never had it except under orders...
Maggie's Backseat (PG13), lar_laughs

Wall-covering leads to retaliation
Slippery Slope (PG13), jacedesbff

Swimming naked
And I'll Help You Kill Your Time (T), mrs_nerimon

I've got brakes, I'm wide awake / I can stop this car at any time...
♥ Stop This Ride (R), flying_android Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Cos I'm 0 to 60 in three point five / Baby you got the keys- Now shut up and drive
Aspects of Love Part 1a and 1b (R), nessataleweaver

Natasha and Clint have a mission. At the London 2012 Olympics.
The Other Olympics (PG13), jacedesbff

Six-word stories
Check the subthread! :D
♥ (Inspired by...) The Cities on their List (PG), lar_laughs

Pepper ships C/N
Blya ne Blya (It was, It wasn't) (PG13), yeomanrand

The things that Clint and Natasha teach each other during the first year of their partnership
the more you know... (PG), ittykat

After the War (PG), ashen_key

Clint and Natasha work in ______ AU
Old Things (PG13), anuna_81
How Can I Help You Today (PG13), lar_laughs

"You really think a relationship should be that hard?" "No one writes songs about the ones that come easy."
Doesn't Come Easy (PG), daxcat79

Admiration kink
It's the Wrong Word (love) (PG), cybermathwitch

Poker night
Drabble: Poker Night (G), ashen_key

my skin is not my own
my skin is not my own (PG13), workerbee73

Clint in the honey trap role
Clint's Turn (PG13), jacedesbff

So don't work your stuff / because I've got troubles enough
I've got troubles enough (PG), ashen_key
Ophelia Drowns (PG), bob5fic

Natasha sleeps with Clint after her brings her in...
we thought (wrong) (T), dictator_duck
In love and war (M), anuna_81

This photo...
Swing (G), ashen_key

we are a fever ain't born typical
you are a fever (unrated), littledust

Their scars tell the stories of their lives.
a love story in five scars (unrated), littledust

Trials and tribulations of looking after each other when they're both injured
Through the Good and Through the Bad (PG13), lar_laughs

Tony flirts with Clint...
and eat them for breakfast (PG) ashen_key

One dies. The other reacts.
Life Unmade (PG) daxcat79

Lady / let us catch the next tornado home / let us plant cantaloupe trees in our backyard
the next tornado home (unrated) littledust

Dancing as a metaphor for trust...
Can you teach me how to dance real slow (PG13), anuna_81

Anything with Clint and Natasha being yin and yang or two sides of the same coin or complementary opposites.
ART: Yin Yang rayruz

"There are no girls like me."
No Fun (R), notajingoist

college AU where Clint is Natasha's professor
History's Mistakes (PG), bob5fic

A linguistic interaction is first and foremost manipulative
where the evening splits in half (PG13), inkvoices

Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.
zero-sum game (PG), workerbee73

Birthday fic
Five Times Natasha Does Whatever She Wants With Whoever She Wants for Her Birthday (and That Time in Bulgaria When She Didn't) (PG13), cybermathwitch

i'm the man who loves you
Denial is the best defence (PG13), folie_lex

After taking a look into Clint's mind and at least trying to do the same with Natasha, Loki is surprised and a little bitter.
Love is a Shadowy Thing (PG), daxcat
De Nile ain't just a river in Egypt (PG13), hufflepuffsneak

The team tries to help keep them together, to piece them together, because sometimes two broken halves can make a single whole.
from the earliest days we were dancing in the shadows (R), tielan

Inception AU
the way out is not the window (PG), earlofcardigans

we can sing two cracks in the crossbeams we can sing
and if you buy that (G), ashen_key

The missus and the ex
What's Past is Prologue (PG13), yourehere

Natasha had sister-relationships with some of the other girls in the Red Room, and Nat was hardly the only one to escape.
We are Family (PG13), hufflepuffsneak

21 shots.
21 shots (PG13), folie_lex

You will be the death of me
from among the dead (PG13), workerbee73

revenge is a kiss and this time I won't miss
revenge is sweet(bitter) (T/M) ashen_key

Deathfic fix-it
Lost Without You (PG), 8m57w6

In from the Cold (M), pixiesio
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