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Got my Romney 2012 decal in the mail today.

Let the dirty looks from coworkers and parents begin!

(Although, my NObama sticker in '08 didn't get my car keyed. There may be hope for our country...)
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This makes me laugh. I'm on the other side of the aisle so to speak, but I always appreciate someone with a thoughtful, well-reasoned opinion, whether I happen to agree or not. And yay democracy! Woo! :D
I exist in a kind of trifecta of liberalism, since I'm (1) in California, (2) in the SF area, and (3) a teacher (although teachers aren't as uniformly liberal as our lovely unions would like people to think, and a surprising number as basically apolitical until something personally affects them. Which I know is true for most of the country, but I have higher standards for my own profession ;))

I've been at the same school for several years now... I don't discuss politics with my liberal coworkers any more than I discuss it with my liberal friends online (it's right up there with religion and the contentious SF Giants vs Oakland As debate) but most people know where I stand. I enjoy being contrary... but, you know, subtlety ;)
Contrary is all good, my friend. As are intelligent debates. As is thinking for oneself. And coming from an incredibly red state part of the country myself, I understand the whole 'don't lump me in with the masses' thing. Oh yes, yes I do. ;)

I just think the coolest thing of all is to see people intelligently engaged in the process. Because that's a win-win for everyone, no matter what your affiliation. <3
Indeed! I am 100% more annoyed by apathetic and uninformed people than by people who actually know what's going on in the world and just have a different interpretation/opinion about it.

I mean, I'll still think you're wrong, but at least you're trying :D
HA! And touche. We'll just keep on trying together. ;P

But srsly, it's all about civility. Wish we had more in this world. O_o