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The Bourne Legacy

Just back from the midnight premiere.

First shot of Jeremy:


And also:

But mostly:

End credits:

(Guy in front of me who'd been playing with his #$%^&* phone half the movie, as we're leaving the theater: "It had its moments.")

So, the big question is... do Jeremy Renner's arms have a starring role?
IMO everything above the waist did.

No butt shots... but then, they've got to save something for the finale :D
This is how all reviews should be! (Going tonight; I'm sure my review will not be nearly as entertaining. I'll just flail a lot.)
Flailing is a completely acceptable response to this movie! My problem is that my time on tumblr has rewired my brain so that I now have reactions in gif format. Seriously, when I got to the end, I literally THOUGHT "*Thor smashes coffee mug* Another!" Then I had to come home and find it :)
I was grinning like a moron through the whole thing. Exactly why I didn't want to go see it with anybody else. Because nobody around here understands or appreciates the scope of my Renner obsession... sigh... very sad...
I too approve of this review. And those were completely my reactions too. :-D

Sucks that we're nowhere near each other; we totally could have drooled together...
This is the most accurate reaction review to The Bourne Legacy out there. *nods*

This post pretty much sums up ALL my feels! I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face during the whole movie.
Me too! I was glad the theater wasn't super full and I could sit a little bit apart, because I'm sure I looked like a complete moron through the whole thing.
Ummm, this is my exact review, well except I wasn't around any douchebags. I had to remember I was in a room with other people in order to contain my urge to squeal like a teenage girl at various moments during that movie.
Douchebags are the worst part of seeing movies in the theater. JUST SIT THERE SHUT UP AND DON'T MAKE STUPID COMMENTS OR I WILL CUT YOU.
EEEEE SAW IT TODAY! (it just came out over here TT) this review.. I like! XD Specially the first two gifs XD

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