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*eyes tomorrow night's midnight showing of The Bourne Legacy*


- Will already be in the area of the good theater, since I'm probably having dinner with my parents

- At least I would pretty much know that I was attending with my fellow weirdos...

- Fewer gross children at that time of night


- Gotta be up early the next morning

- Parents will probably need to be told, since they always expect me to text them once I get home from their place
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I'm dancing that line, too. My only con is KEEPING my parents from knowing because they'll flip out over me being out alone so late.
Stupid mobile interface.

What I started to say was I wish I could go to one here, but I got tagged for the early shift at work (which means leaving the house by 6.) I'm scheduling time off to do that for iron man 3 though!
Doooooooooo ittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'm seeing it in the morning. *shrug* I can't do midnight showings anymore. lol
It's the getting up the in morning that always clenches it for me. It used to be easier than it is now!