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Just sign me up for the dorkhouse now

Actually, I'm serious. The dorkhouse would be awesome. We can watch scifi movies and squee about the Mars rover and drool all over tumblr but IRL.

*is homesick for the dorkhouse*

Anyway, LOOKIE WHAT I BOUGHT. Only in purple in the 'girly cut'.

Typically I don't buy fannish t-shirts because I have a thing about wearing people's faces on my chest, and that thing is that I don't like it and therefore avoid it. (Although I might make an exception for Renner, except then I'd probably just stare at my chest all day and that would make certain things, like driving and keeping my job, rather difficult.)

But this is perfect because it's cutesy and subtle and teeny!Tasha and teeny!Clint are next to each other! (Although it's a good thing teeny!Thor is in between teeny!Clint and teeny!Loki because as you can see the former is definitely armed.
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Aww, so cute...needs Phil though...

Then, again, my shirt doesn't have him or Loki either but it does have Clint and Natasha right beside each other and I got it at the Disney store.

I'm so tempted by the Coulson ones online though...
OH OH OH! The adorables! Okay, I haven't needed any of the shirts I've been linked to lately but OH I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE. What color did you get? I got gray. I love gray t-shirts.
Purple, in honor of Clint. Bwahahaha. Gray was a close second, though. It's a good color when one is constantly dealing with pet hair.
Thought about purple but I didn't want to lose Clint in any way. Thought about green (so Bruce could blend because HE would enjoy that, I'm sure) but figured I get more wear out a gray shirt than a green shirt!
I know right?? I can't wait to wear it to school and see how many of my students notice :D
I'm hoping they have some awesome stuff at comic con this year! I'm gonna look GEEKTASTIC! lol
RedBubble is the GREATEST. That so many of the t-shirt designs are also sticker designs has saved my closet from exploding (also my wallet from depleting; good thing, that).
Hee... yup! I got my bro and sis in law a "Hell-lokitty" sticker since they have a monstrous little kitten named Loki (named after Loki) and the sis is also a Hello Kitty fan ;)
Hee! *clears space for you on the couch of the dorkhouse's awesome TV room*