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[Conversations with fictional characters]Me: Hey I'm on page 99, getting near the epilogue!
Jane Foster: Hey.
Me: ...
Jane: I want to be in this scene.
Me: What? That doesn't make any sense. You haven't been in this fic at all and Thor's still on Asgard.
Jane: Yeah but you need Clint to have a conversation with someone in this scene.
Me: ...I was just going to use Steve.
Jane: Steve needs a break, don't you think?
Me: ... :\
Jane: ... :D
Me: ...if you invite Darcy into this scene, I will cut you.


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She's definitely... persuasive.

In retaliation, I am forcing her to eat more Kashi Go Lean Crunch.
You should watch out, though. That make just make her both ENERGETIC and IRRITABLE! And then where would you be?
Stubborn characters... gotta get out the whip and keep them in line!
I try!

But then something like this happens...

...and I'm always the guy with the sword :\
Ah, but then there is a film moment where it's Indy's whip vs a guy with a gun. You just need to upgrage *grins*.