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Watching Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

I just... have a lot of feels for Razer/Aya.

(Speaking of the relationships involving emotionally screwed-up characters being the most interesting ones...)

[A spoilery explanation of why they are awesome]He's a Red Lantern who was all set to help his boss blow up a planet in the premiere but then he had second thoughts but the planet blew up anyway and he felt really bad about it. He was happy for Hal to kill him but Hal refused, so Razer spends most of the rest of the season being angry (that's sort of what Red Lanterns are good at anyway) but basically trying to redeem himself. He's defected from the RLs and even tried to kill his old boss but the ring stays with him cause, you know, anger issues. Most of that comes from the fact that his wife was killed when he went off to fight and he can't forgive himself for leaving her.

Meanwhile, she's the ship's AI and didn't even have a physical body until halfway through the season, but she reached out to Razer after Hal and co captured him, and told him that he wasn't a bad person even when he didn't believe it. After going into his memories while saving him from his crazy-ass RL ex-boss, she copies his wife's form and uses it as a basis for her android body, although she swears it's just a coincidence. She tries to help him find a way to circumvent using the creepy RL ring-charging oath.

Oh, and did I mention she's brave and selfless and even Hal's like "sweetheart, love you but you're just a computer program" and she's like "STFU I'm a Green Lantern, bitch". Although maybe not in those exact words.

And they snark at each other (although she's a lot more subtle about it) and fight bad guys together and save each other and it's just awesome, but still, I was thinking that I was probably just projecting... and then the finale happened.

First of all, she volunteers for a crazy-dangerous mission. Then when the guys screw up she gets abducted along with the ship and reprogrammed to work for the RLs. They fly off to attack Oa leaving the guys in the middle of nowhere and facing an invasion fleet.

Hal and Razer need to get across half the galaxy to stop them so they use the Star Sapphires', um, love-powered wormhole to send Hal back to Carol, and Earth. Then the Star Sapphires are like, hey Razer, why don't you use our nifty love wormhole too, and go help? And he's all, yeah, me... love... I don't think so and they're like o rly? I think we know more about this stuff than you do...

And then right when Aya's about to get her personality wiped HE USES THE WORMHOLE TO CROSS THE GALAXY AND SAVE HER OMG which he could only do BECAUSE HE LOVES HER.

It always kind of amazes me that these shows are ostensibly written for kids. Same with Young Justice, which has gotten pretty dark. It makes me wonder if maybe I just wasn't aware of a bunch of complex, adult themes in Inspector Gadget and Carmen Sandiego when I was a kid.

When do we get new episodes, dammit?

ETA: Oh, thank you internets.

The second season debut for Green Lantern: The Animated Series is slated for Fall 2012.

Not all that specific, but I'm glad it'll be coming up soon.
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