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TDKR thinky-thoughts

I went over to my folks' after the movie and didn't have my laptop (I really need to get more in the habit of grabbing my tablet when I leave the house...) so these are a couple hours old, but still...

- So it was a long movie and there was a lot going on. That said, I'll take THAT any day over the current practice in Hollywood which seems to be 'split the story into two movies and add in a lot of crap'. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows gets a pass because there wasn't a lot of filler, but still...

- It got off to a slow and perhaps unnecessarily complicated start (I didn't really care how Bane got into the country... the whole deal with the CIA and the plane and the doctor guy took up too much time and seemed to be there mainly for the actiony goodness.)

- I found this on Tumblr and it made me lol even before I saw the movie. Now I lol twice as hard.

Batman: Hey I'm going to disappear for 8 years.
Bruce Wayne: Hey I'm going to disappear for 8 years.
People of Gotham: Shut up Bruce, we're trying to figure out who Batman is.
Batman: I'M BACK!
Bruce Wayne: ME TOO.


- Between the accent and the headgear, Bane was way too hard to understand.

- I had seen the name Thalia pop up in some promotional materials, and I knew the name from Batman TAS, so I guess I was spoiled for that particular plot twist. Still, it was well-done, I thought.

- Anne Hathaway's Catwoman could beat Halle Berry's Catwoman's ass with one hand tied behind her back. Of course, Natasha could take both of them without breaking a sweat... but I guess what I'm trying to say is... well done, Anne. Well done.

- I saved Blake for the (almost) last because honestly he was just my favorite thing in this movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a doll (and only a little older than me omg) and I loved the orphan parallels between him and Bruce and THE FACT THAT HE USED HIS EYEBALLS AND FIGURED IT OUT. Seriously, when he came to Bruce and was like, 'Yo, Batman', a couple people in the theater started applauding. And then the reveal, and the last scene... I got goosebumps.

- I never knew I wanted a Joseph Gordon-Levitt superhero movie, but I do. So much. Where do I sign the petition? The buzz online seems to be that if there was another movie, Blake would take over as Batman, but forget that. To the world Batman is dead and I think everyone's comfortable with that. Let's just call him Nightwing. And then we can work some movie magic and bring in Barbara as Batgirl and ALL WILL BE RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. Batman? We don't need no stinking Batman.

- So, speaking of Batman being dead. Man, they ALMOST got me. I was teary-eyed for the last fifteen minutes or so and it actually reminded me a lot of reading the last few chapters of Deathly Hallows for the first time and thinking, "Oh my God... Oh my God, they're actually going to kill him'.

- If I was Alfred, I would have killed him. KILLED HIM.

- Speaking of Alfred, I thought he was kind of the weak link in this movie. I understood why he felt the way he felt but walking out on Bruce was crap.

- DID I MENTION MY LOVE FOR BLAKE IS ENORMOUS? I mean, not 'I'm going to go write fanfic about him' enormous, but definitely 'want to see him in his own movie' enormous.

- Oh, and are the DC purists having a fit about him? Just curious, since as far as I know there's never been a Robin who was a John Blake, much less a Robin who's real first name was Robin. Personally I thought it was a rather clever way of throwing the comics/toon-wise audience off the scent, but... you know how those comics people are...

Some questions:

- Why did the one guy need Bruce's fingerprints? I didn't get that.

- Obviously this movie has been in the works for some time, and so Nolan gets serious credit for somehow predicting the Occupy movement. Honestly, if Bane had gone around with a WE ARE THE 99% sandwich board I wouldn't have been in the least surprised. Hmm, I wonder if I could get an icon of that...

- Who was Bruce with in his last scene? Was it Selina or just some random woman? I always hated Batman/Catwoman in TAS but I guess I'm okay with Bruce/Selina in the Nolanverse.
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