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The Dark Knight Rises

*ponders going to see TDKR today*

I was originally going to go with Dad, but what happened in Aurora kind of turned him off the movie. It's hard to blame anybody for that, especially with the media coverage trying so hard to link the two, but obviously it's not the movie's fault and, damn it, I still want to see it before I get completely spoiled by the internet :)

I think I will set myself a goal of writing another 1,000 words today, and use the movie as a reward. There's a 2:20 showing... I'll aim for that.

(Hmm, I need a CB as Batman icon. Ideally a funny one. I'm really not much of a fan of Michael Keaton's Batman, but the icon always makes me laugh.)

ETA: 1200 words, more or less! I think I need one more short Clint scene and then Chapter Nine will be DONE, booyah.
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