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Blech, okay, I think I may have actually survived the Action Scene Doldrums. It's not brilliant and it still needs some work, but it'll do, pig. It'll do.

I'm at a little over 43,000 words. I was figuring on the whole thing being around 50,000 when all is said and done, but now I'm not sure. I have a decent idea of where the plot itself finishes - since I'm not planning on wrapping everything up all neat and tidy; that way lies madness - but I keep thinking of other scenes and little codas that I want to include. The final product will probably be 11 parts, maybe 12, and so far each part has been around 5,000 words. Do the math XD

So far I think my favorite parts to write have been the flashbacks. There's more flexibility in them, since I'm not constrained to sticking to the plot (plot, bah) and can include things that are meaningful to the story as a whole.

I haven't done snippets in a while...

He holds the arrow to the bowstring but does not pull it back. He steps forward, into a rectangle of light cast by the target’s window, and she thinks SHIELD. They’ve sent others to sweet-talk her. She hasn’t killed any of them because she doesn’t want to put an even bigger target on herself, but there's a first time for everything.

He says, “There’s another way, you know. You don’t have to live like this,” and lowers his arms, the arrow now pointing at the ground between them. His voice is pitched low; the target sits, watching television, only a few feet away.

“There’s no other way,” she says, surprised to hear herself speak.

The man moves closer, and does not die.

“I know you’re not happy,” he says.

“Is that what you know?”

He doesn’t react to the scorn in her voice. “Yes,” he says simply. He is unmasked, unhelmeted, the same as she. He is not handsome in the conventional sense, but there is something about his face that is striking, and she knows that if she survives this night she will never forget it. “I was there, once.”

She frowns. “Where?”

He nods at her, at the gun in her hand, at the ugliness in her head. “Where you are. On the wrong side.”
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