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be_compromised prompt & fill list, part 1

Clint, muscle cars, grease smudges...
Stickshifts and Safety Belts (PG), sienamystic
Clint and Natasha meet Barney, Clint's brother...
Having sex vs making love
tessaract!Clint + failsafe + "if I can just get close enough"
Failsafe (PG13), inkvoices
cooking lesson
For the Soul (Drabble) (G), allisnow
Natasha and Clint are saddled babysitting baby!Peter Parker for Steve and Tony (Superfamily!)
dating other people/"the one i'm holding is not the one i want"
The Moon and Stars Between Us (M), sweetwatersong
PTSD!Clint and Natasha easing him back into the world one bit at a time
Clint has no idea how to tell Natasha he likes her, so he asks the other Avengers...
Clothes swapping, for any reason.
Creative with knives
switch (R), bob5fic
Clint realizes Natasha has never really had a childhood/adolescence, and decides to give her all the experiences she missed out on...
there's people and they're young and alive (Fluff), amanuensis1
"Where have you been all my life?"
Shelter in the Curving of my Heart (PG), sweetwatersong
Hot and steamy in the shower. Or the sauna. Or the rainforest...
Clint and Natasha's relationship from Maria Hill's POV...
“I thought you said you weren't her boyfriend.” “Twelve-year-olds have boyfriends. I'm her man.”
“When I find a woman attractive, I have nothing to say at all. I simply watch her smile.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Empty Words (PG13), nightswhisper
"Barton told me everything."... C/N from Loki's perspective.
When you sleep with someone you take off a lot more than your clothes.
Not a Particularly Good Girl (PG), rayruz
Just You, Not the Masks (M), cybermathwitch
Jeremy Renner's previous roles (your choice, but especially MI4) as undercover assignments for Clint.
ANGEL: Slang used by intelligence officers for a member of an opposing service.
bb!C/N at career day, or their child giving a report on what Mommy and Daddy do for a living
Career Day (PG), workerbee73
Better Safe (G), ashen_key
COLD APPROACH: An often-risky attempt to recruit a foreign national as an agent or informer...
Let's break it down to a level I can understand, You be the woman and I will be your man...
Anastasia AU
Natasha: this song
Here the city code is lock and load.
Here the City Code is Lock and Load (M), flying_android
Western AU, with gun slingers and saloons and all that stuff
SWALLOW: Russian intelligence term for a female agent used for sexual entrapment in a ‘Honey Trap’ operation.
World serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs (PG13), book_junkie007
WALK IN: A defector who declares his/her intentions by walking into an official installation...
Clint: this song.
After taking a look into Clint's mind and at least trying to do the same with Natasha, Loki is surprised and a little bitter.
"True Lies" AU...
Shower. Or multiple showers.
Cleanliness is Next To... (T) ittykat
BLIND DATE: A meeting by an intelligence officer with an agent at the time and place of the agent’s choosing...
Rainstorms. Thunderstorms. Sex, intense conversations, playing in puddles, epic adventures, in any/all of the previous.
Eye of the Storm (PG), rayruz
like a clock in a thunderstorm (NC17), kuhori_rei
SUCKING DRY: Russian term for the prolonged debriefing of an agent following an operation.
Sight seeing in New York.
Debts are only beautiful when they are paid. - Russian proverb
Clint on his back. With Natasha being the one who put him there...
One of the Avengers learns how to read minds.
"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."
♥ The Way You Say My Name (PG), flying_android Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
BLACKLIST: Counter-intelligence listing of hostile collaborators, suspects, sympathisers or politicians...
CRACKING: Illegally gaining entry to a computer or computer network in order to do harm.
A marriage is a private thing...
"How do you know you're in love?" "All songs make sense."
Li.ber.tas (R), anuna_81
You will always go into that tent. You will see her scar and wonder where she got it...
lost inside this forest (R), sugar_fey
PATTERN: The behaviour and daily routine of an operative that makes his/her identity unique.
LEGEND (cover): The complete cover story developed for an operation.
210 A.D. He's a Roman soldier charged with tracking down the Briton who keeps killing their scouts...
sharing a cigarette
Art: My Eye on You, rayruz
Like Smoke (Drabble) (PG), allisnow
"for warmth"
A Favor for My Love (PG), sweetwatersong
What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end.
I Am Still Right Here (M), sweetwatersong
Dark!fic, You like your girls insane.
In the City, there are three kinds of people: the dead, the devils, and the detectives.
When you awake you're alone / You say "is this a war?" / Hardly, and then you hit a wall...
Natasha works at a chocolaterie and discovers that chocolate makes everything better...
Clint loses his hearing when a mission goes wrong. Until he gets hearing aids, he and Natasha need to figure out how to communicate.
Long Day Living in Resada (PG), sweetwatersong
Clint and Natasha get sent on a mission that requires they infiltrate the mark's social circle...
you're not a superhero/ saving the world to the bitter end
Not a Soldier (G), allisnow
Epic slightly cracky crossover road trip fic where Clint and Natasha come across people from a bunch of fandoms.
Clint comforts Natasha (non-sexually) after a mission requires her to sleep with someone for information.
Just Be Quiet With Me (PG), dictator_duck
a gift like joy (PG13), kuhori_rei
"My lover she's waiting for me / Just across the bar / My seats been taken by some sunglasses / Asking 'bout a scar
Anything based on these amazing pictures by lettiebobettie
63 Clint/Natasha art icons, inkvoices
Their scars tell the stories of their lives.
Pretty thing, I've got you / Right where I used to be. / We ride across this city / Starting fires recklessly.
"Give me a man that's human and careless and loves life, and one who can enjoy the rough-and-tumble of passion."
AU where it was Natasha in New Mexico when Loki arrived instead of Clint.
I Think You Worried for Me Then (T), cybermathwitch
Clint helping Natasha break free from Machikha Nash would be fascinating and dark and dire.
Floating on the wind until I find you / I bury myself deep inside your heart
Chicken noodle soup.
In Sickness and in Health (G), ashen_key
"Some of your scars are mine."
some of your scars are mine (PG), workerbee73
A room full of kindergarteners. Hilarity ensues.
I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz, or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off...
between shadow and soul (M), workerbee73
i do not know what it is about you that closes / and opens; only something in me understands...
There is no need for you to speak... There is only one question: Who is to rule?
Lady / let us catch the next tornado home / let us plant cantaloupe trees in our backyard
Everyday I rewrite her name across my ribcage / so that those who wish to break my heart / will know who to answer to later
what a kiss is to romance (PG), dictator_duck
19th century AU. Bonus points if they're still spies/assassins.
21 shots.
"He'll kill her. And then he'll kill himself." "I won't accept that." "Because you think I'm wrong or because you're in love with her?"
Circus AU: Clint and Natasha have a few acts they've been working on (knives and arrows and aerial acrobatics, oh my!).
There are times for silence and there are times for words...
we grew up on different streets, both the streets of shame
Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? You been out ridin' fences for so long now...
Firefly like AU. But nobody dies, please.
This gif...
They say there’s wreckage washing up all along the coast / No one seems to know too much / Or who got hit the most
Wreckage (PG13), flying_android
The team finds a hurt little puppy. Very cute puppy. What happens then?
Natasha goes to great lengths to make sure that Clint never forgets her every again. (Remember Us by artygrl)
This photo...
There is a moment, right before they go off to fight whatever bad guy is ready for a busting that particular days, that is just for them...
AU where Clint has to pretend he's still under Loki's control
They'll take their sleep wherever and whenever they can. There are rules, though. There are always rules. (Sleep III by azu-graph)
Circus traveling across the dustbowl in the 1930's AU, or Clint/Natasha, Carnivale style.
Clint and Natasha TRY to get married for real. (Our Wedding Is Not That Fancy by Zashache)
Happy Ever After (PG13), anuna_81
Clint and Tasha and whatever other characters you choose, surviving in the post-apocalyptic world after an alien invasion
God have mercy on the man / Who doubts what he's sure of
Remember the pictures that Stark found on the internet?
Queen's Thief AU
♥ Queen of Attolia Prequel (PG13), anonymous Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Black, Red, Gold (not rated), yeomanrand
Natasha can't concentrate when Clint slides out from under one of the cars in the Stark Towers garage, a smudge of grease on his cheek.
AU where Clint and Natasha are awesome art thieves together
AU where Clint and Natasha are the snarky, angry IT people at a company...
It's not that Clint doesn't appreciate the rest of her appearance, but watching Natasha's hair in the shifting light fascinates him.
There are missions they'd rather forget ever happened. (Bogota by sairobi)
He hunted Romanova, but he works with Romanoff.
One dies. The other reacts.
Toska - noun /'to-sk?/ - Russian word roughly translated as sadness, melancholia, lugubriousness...
AU (or not) for Lady Gaga's "You and I." Not the video but the lyrics
you can be the sinner and I'll be the sin
ART: The Sinner & The Sin, kl_shipper1
Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right / Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear
"I like a girl with secrets."
"we've always been like two wolds apart//now you're seeing two nightmares collide"
guitar lessons
easy as one-two-three (G) enediyne
"Easy sex, where a woman lies on a bed and you get on top of her, isn't very interesting...
conversation by other means (NC17), kuhori_rei
The team tries to help keep them together, to piece them together, because sometimes two broken halves can make a single whole.
You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love 'til it kills you both...
you make me breakfast in bed / when I'm mixed up in my head
When she dances, she entrances, she wins roses and romances...
Deathfic fix-it
"What's mine is yours, just pointing it out."
Yours, Mine, Ours? (PG), book_junkie007
There are things she keeps in the attic.
Natasha and Clint are turned into children...
Hot and bored...
"The reason [you're not dead] is lying in a hospital bed. If I was any kind of a man, I'd be there with her right now."
...She hands him a pair of coveralls. "Go. Get dirty and greasy. You know how I like it."
Tony gathers the rest of the team and announces Operation: Black Hawk. Chaos ensues.
The Elevator (PG), jacedesbff
The beach agrees with Clint...
Clint, chair, guitar and no clothes.
There's something incredibly attractive about a man who uses his hands to fix things.
Body swap. With all the possible hilarity and awkwardness.
Clint undercover as a stripper.
Kept here in the quiet tide I swim around you / I watch you tend to yourself...
Undressing can be a bit complicated when you carry so many secret weapons on you.
Natasha visits Clint up in his nest.
You can win this war we're fighting, but can you tolerate the peace?
You wear nothing but yourself, but you wear it so well
Clint - temporary loss of sight.
NSFW fanart set in Budapest!
One of them is put into some sort of sleep, be it magical our drugged, and no one can wake them up.
softly she carries me (R), workerbee73
This photo. How the hell did a woman half my size manage to kick my ass so thoroughly into bed?
When one of them goes out on a mission, the other doesn't know what to do with the solitary time. Homecomings are always... interesting.
An entirely different prompt based on the Renner photoshoot: Prestige magazine photos.
Intimidated by Natasha, one by one the other Avengers go to Clint to get advice on how to deal with her, etc.
The Doctor is IN (PG13), lar_laughs
"There's this huge space between us, and it just keeps filling up with everything that we don't say to each other."
it's a long way down (R), workerbee73
This comics conversation
They say a legal kiss is not as good as a stolen one. So sometimes he steals them.
Clint thinks an open comm is an invitation for conversation.
Long have they pass'd, faces and trenches and fields...
In war time women turn to red / swivel-up scarlet and carmine...
as a badge of a beating heart (PG), ashen_key
Have I been a soldier long, sir? - About ninety-two years, or more...
Natasha confronts Clint about why he spared her life.
someone else's song (R), workerbee73
He's always wondered, if it really came down to it, spy-vs.-spy-fight-to-the-death style, who would win. Well, now he knows.
Awkward, imperfect sex
the highest reaches of human endeavor (NC17), kuhori_rei
Whedon Dollhouse AU
One or both of them dealing with sexuality and/or gender issues...
For the love of books: Clint and Natasha work for a library...
Clint cuts Natasha's hair...
It's a fresh start (PG), anuna_81
Carefully Placed Is Your Trust (PG13), inkvoices
Modern day "Much Ado About Nothing" set in the MCU. Clint/Natasha as Benedick & Beatrice
Love is friendship set on fire
Natasha sends Clint an address and it ends up being a country honky tonk bar...
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    Read so far: 1. The Exiled Queen by Cinda Williams Chima [x] [L] 2. A Woman Entangled by Cecilia Grant [x] [L] 3. Anne of Green Gables by L.M.…

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