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Me watching the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

[The, um, rings were cool?]

When does Harry Potter show up?

ETA: Well close enough.

ETA2: We will now commence with the portion of the Opening Ceremony that will give your children nightmares.

ETA3: So, so far what I'm getting is that Britain is quite proud of its Industrial Revolution, its literature, and its children in hospitals?

Oh and James Bond.

And Mr. Bean.

And I don't even know what's happening now. Sitcom clips and people dancing.

And they also seem very proud of this one rapper. Is he saying "some people pay for thrills" or "some people pay for frills"?
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Yep, that sounds like us *grins*.

I have no tv here, so I'm one of the few Brits not watching, heh, but the people in twitter, especially Maureen Johnson, are making me amused even without the visual. Think I'm going to have to try and catch it on iplayer later :)
Nah, I was doing work. Done now and managed to find a live link on BBC, but one where I can start from the beginning :) Thanks though!
NP. Sitting through the parade of nations waiting for the US... we're only in the Cayman Islands so it's going to be a while... ;)
Yeah, I might skim/skip that bit. The snarky comments are fun, but nah.

It's interesting hearing what people in other countries think of all this, because I'm sat here going, 'yep, yep, that's pretty much us', heh.

We are proud of our children's lit, yep! And the NHS ad the kids are meant to be from Great Ormonds, which the author of Peter Pan left all his royalties. There's quite a link between hosptials and lit here, clever of them to use that really. I love that we had Children's Lit in this. Honestly, this was the reason I've tuned in ;)

The storm clip is "don't worry, there isn't a HUrricane on the way" - a hilarious and messy mistake by the Met. There was a hurricane. One of the worst ever for us. Us Brits and the weather, I love that that was in there myself :D
The parade is interesting as far as seeing everyone's outfits how the athletes are enjoying themselves and how the sizes of the teams differ and it's always a little shocking when the announcers say that this is the first time a given country (usually in the middle east) is allowing women to compete.

We're up to Sweden!
when the announcers say that this is the first time a given country (usually in the middle east) is allowing women to compete Well, I am glad that they are now, but. BIG but. *sigh*

I'm up to Abide With Me :)
I skipped the athletes so I'm watching live with everyone else now :D I love all the flags up.
And we have the obligatory Beatle, Paul, with the obligatory Beatle's song. Because obviously there is only one tun we Brits know how to wave along to without being coached lol.
I have to say-- as a Londoner I loved it

but I can see that to the rest of the world it may have been a little incomprehensible

I thought the show was brill till the cauldron was lit, but they should have finished it there, and left Sir Paul to sleep-- it's a bit late for an old geezer like him

but Sir Steve Redgrave, Becks looking yummy and generally the whole thing-- that was London saying to the world:

"This is us-- like it, or lump it. We're proud to be Brits!!"
LOL well there was some stuff that everyone's going to get, and some stuff that's just going to be chalked up to, um, cultural differences? British humor? Something?

Maybe a Brit can explain the part with the big yellow glowy thing and all the people doing the crazy seizure dance and the little kid getting held up while the gal in the blue dress sang?
The crazy seizure dance was Akram Khan I think-- Brit Asian (from the subcontinent, not the far east!!), and I think part of it was an homage to the influence of the subcontinent on the british Isles.

with a touch of Slumdog thrown in.

Akram Khan rocks, man!!

And of course, the song was Abide with Me-- total britishness personified

so I think, and it's only my interpretation mind you, that it was a statement about British Multiculturalism!!

(and I loved it!!)
Ahha okay. I'll go with your interpretation. I thought that segment went on a leeeeettle too long but figured I must be missing something. And I've never heard of 'Abide with Me'.