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OMG a post that has nothing to do with The Avengers, SHUT UP.

I went to Home Goods today and bought a couple of things. One's a keeper, the other will probably be going back tomorrow.

So this I'm definitely keeping because it's awesome:

I actually saw a picture of this on tumblr a couple days ago and I LOLed because this totally exemplifies writing fanfic and just being a fan of a 'ship in general. What we're given is almost never enough, so we go out and get it. Bwahaha. This little guy will sit in my living room and make me LOL when I look at it and when other people come over they'll be all 'what a lovely sentiment regarding determination' and I'll be all 'Yes, of course that's what it is, what else could it be?'

The other thing I got was a big 3 x 3 ft piece of abstract art on canvas, which... I didn't think to take a picture of. Because it's downstairs. I really liked it in theory but in practice it just didn't work for the space. You see, this is what my room looks like (at least from one angle):

(Yes, that's Hermie at the foot of the bed because whenever he sees a camera he assumes it's meant for him, and that's Piper in the corner because she's antisocial. Don't even ask me where Abby was when this was taken.)

To give a sense of scale, I have a queen bed, and my room is about 14 ft wide.

I love that I have nice high ceilings but it makes finding appropriate artwork difficult because omg the wall is SO BIG. If I put something dinky up there it's going to look stupid. On the other hand, I don't want anything huge and heavy because it IS right above my head and I live in California where we have earthquakes.

This was why I thought the canvas thingy was perfect because it's super-light and wouldn't kill me if something happened and it fell. But it's just... I dunno. The wrong shape? I'm thinking maybe I need something that's more of a horizontal rectangle. Or something else entirely? I DON'T KNOW. I NEED HELP.

Save me HGTV, you're my only hope...
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