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Almost at 40,000 words. Eight 'chapters' completed. Got most of the next two chapters outlined (as in, I've identified POVs and scenes). The plot crap is still the hardest... I don't know how I'm going to get [redacted] away from [redacted] without having him actually [redacted] her, or what he's going to do with the 'escort', for example, but the actual stuff I care about C/N storyline is going quite nicely, I think.

(Every time I use this icon I just stare at it a while and think doood she's basically half-nekkid. And then I laugh a lot. Too much, probably.)
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If the silly boy hadn't just pulled it the rest of the way down, maybe she wouldn't have walked out on him! So there! Serves you right, Clint Barton!
YAY MULTI-CHAPTERED FIC! 40k words, that is awesomesauce.

Just a friendly poke before I start my work day. :-*