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Of muses and cats...

It's actually been a while since I've had any of note. But this was probably brought on because of a mix of The Matrix, the trippy Koontz book I'm rereading, my sodium-loaded dinner, and the fact that I had a cat sleeping on my chest part of the night, no doubt limiting the oxygen to my brain.

As it is I don't remember much. It was Stargate, I know that. Season Fourish, if dreams can have a Season (and I don't know why not). Jack sharing his feelings for Sam while they're out in the middle of nowhere testing a massive explosive device. The explosive device goes off, injuring Siler (who's the only other person there), he gets taken off for medical treatment, and Sam and Jack have sex in the crater quickly before Hammond shows up to see how said explosive device is doing.

When I was dreaming, it seemed like a cool idea for a fic. Then I woke up and thought... 'what the hell?'


My muse also visited me in the shower, evily feeding the next scene of Sleepers 2 to me when she knew I was unable to go for the keyboard. And now I have to go get food and take Jamie to Antioch. Sigh.

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