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Spent the day over at the folks' when I really didn't expect to.

[The saga of mom's computer]I went over around 10 to take mom's computer down to Best Buy. She had some work done on it a while ago (heavy-duty work, including replacing the motherboard) and a few weeks after she got it back it started telling her that her copy of the Windows OS wasn't genuine. Obviously it is, she's had it since '09. We had taken it to BB and they said it had something to do with replacing the motherboard and to do a system restore. We did, it seemed to work. Fast-forward a month later and it's happening again. BB said today that they need the recovery disc from the manufacturer (Gateway). So I got on a chat with Gateway and they're sending the disc, although they're charging $20 for it since obviously the computer isn't still under their warranty, and BB's warranty naturally doesn't cover this. So the disc is supposed to be here in a week or so and then we're supposed to take the computer back to BB so they can reinstall the OS...

Meh. I would have just gotten a new computer a long time ago, but mom's stubborn :)

So figuring all that took until about 2pm. While we're waiting to hear back from BB, dad starts complaining about his antivirus and how it's trying to charge him money to get rid of a virus. Well naturally that sets off alarm bells in my head.

Me: *grabby hands*

Dad: No it's okay, it did this before and I just did a 'restore to earlier settings' and it stopped.

Me: But now it's doing it again.

Dad: Yeeaaaah...

Me: Gimme gimme.

So yeah, he had one of those viruses that pretends to be an antivirus, which probably got on his computer because he had McAfee downloaded but not active. So I ran through the de-ickifying, cleaned the registry, ran Malwarebytes, chucked McAfee and got him set up with AVG.


So, one computer problem down, one to go. Although mom is still able to use her computer, thankfully, she just has to put up with Windows bitching at her occasionally that 'OMG you might be using pirated software better give us money'.

Needless to say I ended up just staying for dinner. Then I figured I might as well watch the end of the ballgame (we won, so did stupid LA :-p).

Finally got home around 10:20, all juiced up for some writing, to discover that one of the cats (I can guess which one) had left me a nice juicy hairball on my bed. I guess she knew somehow that tomorrow is laundry day.

[Now, this is me.]

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