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Son of meh.

Was woken up early (8:30 is early, shuddup) by more stupid crampity cramps, but they seem to have abated. Now I'm waiting for the inevitable headache to kick in.

In the meantime, I've written a whopping 500 words (exactly 500... what are the odds?) of The Scene That Did Not Want to Start. I think the problem is that I'm starting to get into those high impact scenes... you know, the ones you're excited about writing the second you come up with the idea, even before you've written the first word of the first chapter, and that you think about a lot even when you try not to. And now it's coming right down to it and I have to actually write the damn thing and I guess I'm anxious that it's not going to be as awesome in real life as it was in my head. Know what I mean?

Now I'm thinking that I'm going to get something for lunch (breakfast was yogurt and coffee) and watch the ballgame and maybe read and then possibly take a nap.

*feels headache beckoning...*
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