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PMS and writer's block and MS Word's grammar check are conspiring to make me overly emotional. No, seriously. I keep getting the stupid green squiggle line under things I know are correct and I'm getting rather upset about it.

I'm thinking about going and taking a bath and finishing a book but the book I'm finishing is HP&tOotP and it's just so depressing I might drown myself.

This entire post is facepalm-worthy.

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Oh, you should never read OotP when you're depressed. It should come with a warning label, as a reminder to everyone who thinks they want to read it just whenever. That's a book for a sunny day with a mixed drink in one hand and a bouquet of pretty flowers in the other.
*chuckles* You're so right... however, I did take that bath and finished the book and remain mostly undrowned, so I guess I came through it okay. I think reading about Harry's depression made me realize that my funk is a little silly. Even if HE never had to deal with PMS hormones.

(Isn't it funny that OotP is possibly my least favorite of the book series, but possibly my favorite of the HP movies? Whereas I really like the book of HBP, but find the movie to be, to use a Britism, rubbish? These are the things I think about when procrastinating writing.)
I came to realize that I only like OotP because it introduced some of my favorite characters. So far, I've had trouble rereading HBP. Every other book has been reread like five times (I have them on my Kindle now so I think I'll be able to reread them even more when the fancy strikes!) but I can't bring myself to reread HBP. There is a theory that I don't like it because of the color of the book jacket. I'm not sure how much merit I hold to that theory but it might work.

I'm glad the bath helped!

And books are SUPPOSED to highlight our lives so we can better see them. Seeing as your PMS is real and his woes were not, I still think you win!
I've reread all of them several times. I'd have to look at my past book history to be sure, but usually when I read one I have to read them all. I'm a series purist :) I do like a lot of the characters introed in OotP, and it's grown on me, but I had a somewhat negative reaction to the CAPSLOCK OF DOOM when it came to angst, angry Harry. Maybe that's why I enjoyed the movie so much... I went in with rather low expectations ;)

With HBP I think I enjoyed the feeling of building tension juxtaposed against the teenaginess and humor (and the movie had too much of the latter and not enough of the former, IMO, not to mention TOTALLY screwing up the big reveal) plus the fact that, even though it's not the last book, it's their last year all together at school and it's just... *flails a little*

And I think Harry would trade his woes for my PMS, and I would obviously just rather stick with the PMS, so somehow that does make me feel better.

Now I need a snack before starting HBP because omg I want to eat EVERYTHING right now