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Needle question

Okay so where would unused hypodermic needles typically be stored in a hospital or other medical setting? Are they sold by the box, are they kept in the box or bag or whatever? TELL ME.
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When my father was alive, he bought his insulin needles by the box. They came individually wrapped in boxes of 50, 100, etc. In hospital, they are kept in the pharmacy and drug cabinets (locked) on individual floors.
they come in boxes. ANd how they're stored depends on the setting. in my mom's room, I think needles were in a cabinet with a combination lock. In other cases they are kept in a med cart with combination locks.

as to buying them, my mom just gets hers from the pharmacy. I think in some settings, to curtail aids, they don't even require a prescription, just come in and buy some. She does have a script for an injectable drug, but I've seen her juts go up there and 'i need 5 syringes please' and no questions asked, just a few cents each, .25-50 or so and she'd good to go