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Going to Six Flags tomorrow (for probably the first time since I was about 10, yeesh) with the brother, sis-in-law and her sis. I'm supposed to be picking them up around 10am, which means that the girls will probably be ready closer to 11am, but traffic shouldn't be bad. Plus it'll be about 10 degrees cooler up there, so that should be nice. I'm just hoping it's not, like, crazy-level crowded.

Anyway, that means no 2am writing sessions. I did get a bit done today, though. I'm finding all sorts of fun ways to procrastinate writing the actual action scene including but not limited to giving Clint lots of angst. Mmm delicious, delicious angst.

In other news: nope, still not tired of using this icon...

Oh yeah: new layout! I did mention that I have layout ADD, right? Layout by thefulcrum, of course, and art by the dfvghbnjkm amazing Lettie. I know. It's dangerously adorable.
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