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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S02E08-14

Backlog, part II.

Oh great we're going back to this storyline? But it was just getting interesting...

Thor episode. Meh. I'll be honest... probably not going to pay all that much attention to this one...

Yeah I called that one. Yawn.

Hey Hill you look different...

Hmm. I don't think you're Hill at all!

Ha, Bucky. At least now you look like less of a dork. Also no more bell bottoms, so that's a win.

"Okay, one, are you kidding me? Did you just call me 'missy'?"

Heh, Bruce and Clint on vacation.

lol Clint likes the Hulk better than Bruce. That smarts.

Wait does Bucky have a ponytail? I think I preferred the bell bottoms...

Yay for firing indiscriminately into darkness!

"So, who's attacking now? Time travellers? Aliens?" "You."

Um it's the wrong color to be the Hulk Maria. Let's get those eyes tested when we're done here...

LOL Clint moving away from Bruce...

Falcon's voice sounds familiar...

"Okay,,. I wasn't ready for that."


Also, Maria, the real Hulk has a totally different hairstyle and wears BLUE pants.

Hmm Samson was in on it too...

Wow that nerd was in line to be in charge?

Poor Steve.

Do those Skrull have little Hitler mustaches?

HA clever Steve.

Well technically there is a way out, it's just not a way most people would want to go...

Galactus... Fantastic Four again, right? I mean I assume there's overlap, I just know that's where I know him from...

Hmm that guy too... Quartermane, yeah.

"I hope they fire you." Bwah.

"Get away from her, you filthy Skrull." Hmm, quite the same ring as 'damn dirty ape'.

Aww Cap. "What is he doing?" "He's being Captain America."

Lady you so bossy...

What madness is this...

Hmm yeah I'm skeptical.

Aww Tony you crazy paranoid hermit I missed you.

Clever Fury!

Good thing the real Panther has a cape on...

"Avengers, assemble! But only the human ones."

Natasha woot.

These kinds of scene I always think of Futurama... "Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything."

Thor, you're green and icky!

Ooh boys you done pissed Carol off.

"No one's that good!" "Guess what? I am." Clint doesn't really have much of a confidence problem, does he?

"When all this is over, I'm going to get a t-shirt made. Know what it's going to say? It's say 'Nick Fury was right'."

Well that's not good.

Very not good.


"Told you I wasn't a Skrull."

Cyclops Skrull!

Jan sure gets squished a lot.

"Embrace change." Yeah I've heard that before.

Where did they get new costumes?

Haha Thor 'bout time.

"Are we even now?" "No." Heheh.

Um so when Thor's in space where is the lightning coming from? Inquiring minds want to know.

Steve you cornball I love you.

That was wrapped up nice and tidy...

I was kind of hoping that the Spider in the title referred to Natasha *sigh*

"Respect your elders, punk."

Clint isn't a big fan of the media, I'm thinking.

Prisoner transfers: the most dangerous 28 blocks you can drive...

After a while you'd think that people would just stop livin in New York City.

LOL Peter.

Cap pep talk.

"Can I be your sidekick?" LOL

"The whole snake motif doesn't work if you have claws."

"I'm okay with that." Heehee.

This is the saddest parade I've ever see-- oh wait.

Yeah. Tony has issues.

Jan and Jane having a girl moment. :D

Clint you so funny.

Yeah not a ton to comment on in this ep. Plus there's also a ballgame on.

Poor Clint. He was using that bow!

Clint and Panther are BFFs :)

Oh, you. Yawn.
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