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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S02E01-7

Okay, I had these saved up, thought I'd share.

Clint Barton: Threat level: low. Aww.

Doctor Doom... he the guy from Fantastic Four?

Okay since they just showed up I'm going to say yeah.

So do we assume that all the Avengers just walk around their mansion wearing the costumes?

Johnny Storm and Captain America sitting side by side. This amuses me.

Hulk and Thing have issues.


Time for more robot fights.

Tony those Avenger ID cards are the lamest communication devices ever.

Figures it's the girls who get kidnapped.

"Putting on a skirt over your second-rate Iron Man armor? Not helping."

Nice Quinjet paint scheme. Not exactly sneaky.

"We kick your shiny metal butt." Ha, someone watches Futurama.

This episode appeared to make very little sense.

These AIM guys remind me of the yellow minions from Despicable Me.

Amazing... in the second season, the title sequence gets even more annoying.

Something tells me Tony is not so interested in the business aspect...

"Pepper! Throw your shoes at me!"

Tony are you wearing eyeliner?

Aww "especially you"


Spiderman and X-Men reference, hee.

Cartoon Maria is... kind of a bitch. I realize this is not news. I just felt like saying it.

"Hello, Ms. Potts. Do you know who I am?" "An angry beekeeper?"

No Clint in this episode? I will be sad...

"See what I did there? I saved you, and I wasn't even registered."

Poor minions...

"I kinda hate you right now, Stark."

Okay, I have to admit that Maria and Tony have some pretty good banter.


Kick some ass, Rhodey.

"I'm an agent of SHIELD. I'm prepared for anything."

Ooh a holographic shield... thingy.

Uhoh, better so save Pepper.

HA okay Pepper you're awesome.

Okay did he just hit on Maria? Tony you dog.

Girl!Loki must not be happy with Zemo...

(Yes, I know she has a name, but I prefer 'Girl!Loki'.)

Black Hiemdall from the movies is much more groovy.

Clint is all, uh, gift horse, mouth.

"Guy? Any particular reason you're not... Avenging?"

You know the Crimson Dynamo isn't really crimson.

Snarky Clint: <3

Heheh... but he's not the Captain.

Okay I'll admit it, I've completely lost track of what's going on here.

Okay everyone's unconscious. That helps simplify things.

Serta? Like the mattress?


Okay who's the green-haired chick? She has issues. (Answer: Abigail Brand. Okkies.)

"Have you even seen an alien?" You had to say it, didn't you?

You know the Hulk is funny and all, but I miss Steve and Bruce being Science BFFs.

"Aliens are invading." But I'm eating a chicken and that's much more important!

That awkward moment when you realize the flying superhero in spandex and thigh boots is that woman you used to work with before she found out you were really an alien.

I'm hungry. Now I'm thinking about chicken. Thanks Hulk.

So do we know why the Cap doppleganger really is? I lost track.

Okay I like Abigail.

What the hell is the red thing?

Really like Abigail. Also, she has weird glowy hands.

Does that Kree have a mustache??

Hey another girl on the team, fun. And one who packs a little more of punch than little old Jan.

Oh, something's wrong with the audio on this file. Guess I can't watch it after all. Happy day indeed!

Jan complaining about her relationship with Hank. I can't think of anything I care about less.

Jane, hee.

Clint and Panther banter = thumbs up.

What the hell is with the raccoon.


Ah the old 'the victim was really the bad guy' thingy.

So these guys are Marvel's version of the Green Lanterns.


Yeah sure lady, insult the crazy glowing guy with unimaginable powers...

Wow they sure have nice big bedrooms on the Helicarrier.

Hi Nick! AND YOU'RE BALD, awesome!

Bobbi your costume is dumb. Just sayin'.

Hey out of costume! Pizza instead of Shwarma.

The Black Panther is on Hulk duty. Heheh.

LOL Clint making little bows and arrows.

"Check please."

Ooh Natasha what are you up to?

*snickers at Fury's Angels here*

Woo flashback.

Dun dun DUN!

LOL Clint is enjoying not being the newbie anymore. The others heckling Carol from the sidelines... heehee.

Oooh they think Clint is the Skrull...

"Is anyone here a shapeshifting alien?"

Poor Clint.

Awwwww Hulk <3 Clint :D

Meanwhile Skrull Steve is like *whistles innocently* Don't mind me, just standing here...

*sad music*

"This is a man who kept his secret identity for about five minutes."

*sigh* Need moar Natasha...

Ooh Bobbi Skrull.
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