I had no intention of watching it. I watched Sex and the City instead of the first showing. However, DirectTv has a problem with the local channels so I couldn't watch Jimmy Kimmel or New Adventures of Old Christine so I tried it.

After 15 minutes, I discovered Friends was on Nick and turned the channel. It was so BORING!

Plus, WGN had Old Adventures of New Christine after Friends. SCORE! Bonus points for Clark Gregg joking about masturbating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer...in my headcanon forever...especially since it was the show as a whole and not necessarily just Buffy...
I'm getting a little tired of the crazy person, but he's smart so let's have him solve things storyline....
It was like they were trying to smush up Bones, House, the Mentalist... and came up with a big pile of ppphhhfffff
I thought I might watch it, but then I forgot. Guess I didn't miss anything!
Perception and Will and Grace
I didn’t hate “Perception” but, I admit, I came into it with low expectations. I had heard from a few friends and Dish coworkers that the plot was weak, so I knew right off the bat that this wasn’t going to turn into my favorite show. I would watch it again if it happened to be on, but I’m not going to set my DVR to record it or anything like that. It’s sad to say, but the biggest impact it had on me is creating the undeniable urge to watch Will and Grace; yes, I’m aware of how dorky that sounds! LOL! Despite the dorkiness of it all, I couldn’t help but rent a few seasons from the Blockbuster@Home service that I get through my Dish account. At least, the DVDs get sent straight to my mail box, so I don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of renting Will and Grace from a store.
Re: Perception and Will and Grace
LOL you know it took me half the Perception pilot to realize Professor Crazy was Will... I never really watched W&G, that's my excuse ;)