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The Bourne Overdose

Okay so yeah I basically just rewatched the Bourne trilogy in one sitting tonight* and yeah, I can see why watching them in the past never really made an impression. You can only stare at the black hole that is Matt Damon for so long without suffering serious memory loss. I had to wear my special black-hole-sunglasses the entire time.

Yeah. Not a huge fan.

On the other hand, I went back and rewatched the Legacy trailers and it made me giggle and clap my hands like a moronic schoolgirl.

Speaking of, how did I not know that JR grew up in Modesto? Which is like, hmm, 30 miles or so from where I went to college, and about 70 miles from where I live now. Modesto needs to put that on its welcome sign. You know: You are now entering Modesto, CA, Jeremy Renner's butt's hometown.

(Okay, I'll stop now.)

Oh, and I'm a redhead again. I've had gray hairs since I was about 18 so I dye it every month or so, but lately I've been sticking fairly close to my natural color with 'Brown Sugar'. But that gets boring so I went back to "Pomegranate", or Garnier's 'True Red'. (I tried to take a picture but between the bathroom lights and my crappy cameraphone it totally washes out the color. So here's the box. Mine isn't that bright because my hair is medium brown to begin with, but you get the idea. Maybe one of these days when I'm wearing makeup and don't feel completely blah I'll actually take a new picture of myself to post.)

*This was also fic research, so it wasn't a total waste of time/brain cells.
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I'm considering not even bothering with Bournes 2 & 3, because I saw Bourne 1 ages ago, and, yeah, fine, but Matt Damon does nothing for me. I have every faith one can go into Legacy not knowing a word of the other Bournes and still get what one needs to know from context. And if one will pretty much be going "RENNER OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU SO FLAWLESS WHAT IS MY LIIIIIIFE" through the thing (for "one" read "me"), one probably doesn't even need context.
Nah, you don't need to have seen them all. I've seen them all, and each one does tend to give you enough reference back to what you need to know from the previous movies to know what people are talking about in the current one. I figure if need be they'll do the same with this latest one.
And let's face it... we're not even going to be paying attention to the plot of Bourne Legacy, we're going to be too busy flailing like a big flaily pile of flail over the awesomeness that is JR.
LOL there's really not a whole lot to see there. Actually I think it recently made a list of the most 'miserable' cities in the country based on foreclosures, tax rates, crime, home prices... then again, a lot of the cities on that list were from the CA central valley so I think it's more of a regional thing.

Also, your icon: so purdy. I need more Natasha icons but I keep getting... distracted...
That's sad, but I'm not surprised. Honestly, I'm not really impressed with anything in California. Lol

Hee hee! Thanks!
California has awesome weather and amazing natural resources but it's run by and large by complete morons seriously I'm not sure how they've even learned how to tie their own shoes.
Ha, yeah this is so true. If I wanna live somewhere pretty I'll go to Hawaii! (Expensive, but you're living in paradise... so yeah).
Yeah but if there's ever a tsunami you're kind of screwed. Also you're living on top of an active volcano.

*waits for yamadara to comment...* hair is pretty much that colour. :)

And how could you not know that about JR? Tsk, tsk...;)
I blame the fact that I'm usually a lot more interested in characters than actors. But Modesto... that's awesome :) (Of course Modesto is also where Scott and Laci Peterson were from, :\ so the city needs a little butt-related image rehab.)
Really looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner in the next Bourne... And Modesto? Isn't that where James Marsters is from? If so, they really know how to grow arms in that town!
IMDB: "Graduated from Davis High School in Modesto, California." (Renner went to Beyer.)

He was born in Greenville, though, according to IMDB, which is up in NorCal closer to Redding.