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The Amazing Spiderman

So, a few thoughts before I sit down for dinner...

First of all, whoever decided to not only attach the long version of the Bourne Legacy trailer to this movie, but attach it first, you have my approval, sir or madam.


What can I say... it was better than the original Toby version. I generally hate reboots so it kind of hurts me to say this, but it's true. Part of it is the casting. Toby had this whiney emo thing going on, whereas Andrew's Peter was more snarky. I appreciate snark. Also, Emma Stone's acting was just about a million times better than Kirsten's. Sorry Kirsten, but a plank of wood had more charisma than your MJ.

From a cinematic point of view, it did start off slow - did we need to spend that much time watching ickle!Peter wandering around his house? - and finally hit its stride once monsters started throwing people off bridges. It wasn't egregiously montagey. I laughed at the spandex line. The webs being a feat of engineering rather than biology was an interesting twist.

That said, I guess there's only so much you can mess with in a reboot. Some things are gonna happen, either because they were in the comics (I don't know anything about the comics) or because the narrative calls for it. Peter's gonna get beat up (can I just say that Toby looked a lot more like someone prone to getting beat up than Andrew does?). Peter's gonna get bitten by a spider. Peter's gonna get revenge and then feel bad about it. Uncle Ben's gonna die. Aunt May is gonna angst and apparently not put two and two together. And Peter's going to run around with his mask off way too often.

That said... it was fun. And better than the previous version, which I think I said. Tips for the inevitable sequel: More Gwen. Less time explaining inexplicable science thingies. More Peter snark. Less angsty aunts. Did I mention more snark? I love snark. Also, more carnivorous mutant mice, because that was awesome.
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