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Earth's Mightiest Heroes 201E23-26 - Running Commentary

When we last saw our heroes, they were making poor life choices...


"What? You can't believe that your boyfriend's pet robot went nuts?" Yeah Jan, I kind of called that one like 10 episodes ago.

"Hank, this isn't your fault." Well, yeah it is.

Meanwhile, Thor's on vacation with Girl!Loki.

Doh. Tony needs a better anti-virus program.

Yeah cause shooting the robot with your tiny gun will obviously be effective after everyone else's tiny-gun shooting barrage failed.

Maria's middle name is Christina?

What, no one besides SHIELD has a crapload of nukes?

Panther: *look* Clint: Yeah, I know, I'm dumb.

Hulk: This is for Thor! Aww, Hulk love Thor.

Girl!Loki has Midgard envy.

Okay, so I kind of get why he doesn't like humanity... but what has fungus ever done to him??

Oooooh girlfriend Thor is piiiiiiiiissed.

Hank should I assume you're doing something useful?

Oh Tony you're a cornball sometimes.

"That's just perfect. What did Hulk contribute, your bad attitude?"

So, what, all the nukes are going to hit at the same time?

"Wait, we had a plan?"

Oh sure Hank gets all the credit when it was basically his fault in the first place.

Thank you, Maria.

Painted Rocks of Evil, bwahahaha.

Yay Cap's feeling better.


Flashback time.

Ack Bucky.

They must have pretty awesome science classes in whatever the hell village Panther comes from.

"Avengers disassemble."

Oh yeah let's touch the magic glowy rock, that's an excellent idea. And my all means, lets not make the completely reasonable assumption that if one spot was a trap, the others will be as well.

Guy: "How can you not remember who I am? You punched me in the face!" Clint: "That doesn't really narrow it down." BECAUSE CLINT PUNCHES LOTS OF PEOPLE IN THE FACE.

Oh goody. Hank's back.


"There's an elf here giving me a dirty look." Clint does get the best lines...


*evil Loki laugh*

Clint: Oh, that's not good... Hey, you, with the ears! What's a... Loki?


Odin sure Odinsleeps a lot.

Cartoon Loki has the same daddy issues as his movie counterpart. He's uglier, though.

Way to man up against the Frost Giants, Hanky.

Aw, poor Cap.

So Clint gets Elf World and Hulk gets... Orc World? And Panther gets a little box. APPROPRIATE MAGIC IS APPROPRIATE.

Essentially, then, the Nine Realms are TolkienLand?

Hey stupid dog, he needed that bow!

"Those are special arrows, archer. Is your aim true?" "I do all right."

Loki just thinks he's all kinds of hot stuff.

Woo chicks on flying horses!

Uh, yeah, Valkyries.

Hmm Jack Fury...

Faraday? Like the cage?

Loki, if you did less monologuing and more conquering, maybe you'd be a little more successful.

Okay I guess I should just finish this season up...

So... who decided we needed a montage to remind us about what just happened?

Does Asgard just not have any kind of atmosphere or what?

*snickers at Clint*

"I rode a flying horse through space!"

Blah blah, exposition...

Ooh so this chick is Loki's daughter?

Loki's all, oh you did not just interrupt me while I was getting friendly with this tree.

Hahaha nice horn moron.

Good thing Cap showed up to tell them how to fight a giant ice wolf.

Aww hey he was using that shield...

Good timing, Tony.

"Avengers, assemble." Yeah easy for you to say, buddy, we just got our asses kicked by a guy in an antelope hat.

"I am going to have a word with my brother" translates to "Kick some ass" in Asgardian.

"When it doubt, blow it up."


The Odinforce seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Sure, NOW Odin gets up.

Ooooooh Dad is nooooot happy.

Wow kind of sucks to be Loki.

Ooh freaky doppleganger time. JARVIS what the heck is wrong with you that you can't keep those out of the house?
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