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I apologize in advance for the capslock.

15,363 words. BOOYAH.

Snippet time. FLASHBACK! *does jazz hands*
They check into their hotel suite a little after noon. The place is ridiculously large, and everywhere he looks he sees designer furniture, shimmering cloth, shining surfaces: glass, brass, marble and tile. The walls are bright and white and shining, topped by crown molding, accented by opulent drapes. Fresh flowers bloom on side tables below framed art that looks like it belongs in a museum instead of a neighborhood garage sale. Clint has seen places like this before, but usually only from across the street or through a skylight.

Natasha is less fazed, of course; she glances around, checks the windows and doors and, because after all this was Stark’s idea, they do a quick sweep for surveillance devices. Nothing comes up. “Clint, go get some sleep,” she tells him the third time she catches him yawning, and he’s surprised to discover that for the first time since this all started he wants to sleep, thinks maybe he even can sleep. When she adds, gently, “I’m not going anywhere,” he’s suddenly so exhausted that it’s all he can do to drag himself to the nearest bedroom, kick off his boots, and collapse face-first atop the lilac-scented sheets.

Yeah, not the most exciting snippet I've ever posted, but hey. Boyfriend needed a nap. He's going to need his energy later, for... other things.

*sigh* I can't believe I'm going to be in a work meeting for who knows how long tomorrow when what I really want to do is come home and write Avengers sexytimes. ALAS.
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While it may have been Stark's idea, it could also have been Natasha's because, according to the official Marvel back story, she was born in 1928 and probably has access to a fair amount in the way of resources.

How is she still alive if she was born in 1928? She was injected with an experimental Soviet version of the super soldier serum (the same thing given to Captain America) which results in her having a significantly longer than average life span. And she's called the Black "Widow" since the Soviets faked her husband's death (he was a cosmonaut) and she believed she was, in fact, a widow.

Don't you hate official comic backgrounds to characters? ;-)
Yup, but I also love MCU retcon ;)

Since the movie universe has given us so little to go on, canon-wise, most writers I've come across in this fandom seem pretty comfortable picking what parts of her original comics background (if such a thing can be said to exist...) to use. Same with Clint and the comics circus thing. I've read stuff across the whole gamut, from 'Natasha really is basically Cap's age' to 'the Red Room mainly trained her and messed with her mind'. Personally I would be surprised if the movieverse went with the former, although it's not impossible. I lean a little more towards the latter, especially if you take what she tells Loki at face value; if she had been around that long, her skill-set would have put her on SHIELD's radar a long time ago.

Yowza I really do think too much about this, don't I?