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Things I have Googled/Wikied in the past few days:

coffee in france
how to avoid surveillance
nyc luxury hotels
kenyan national security intelligence service
african mythology
us customs and border protection
peruvian spanish
historical american slang
designer dresses

How did people even do this before the Internets????
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I think they had something called liberries. I think that's how you spell it.
You ever worry what people will infer if they check your internet history? *grins*

From this I would say that you are going on the run, from the Kenyan national security intelligence service because you nicked a pachyderm, which has grave importance in african mythology, and you had trouble getting it through us customs and border protection, which sucks after booking a hotel in nyc already, so you have dressed yourself desingerly in the hopes of drawing attention away from said pachyderm and are praying to get into oslo. I don't think you'll have much luck avouding surveillance with the pachyderm though, sorry.
OMG laughing so hard right now...

Seriously, though, I'm pretty sure I'm on an FBI/CIA watchlist by now *waves to fascist overlords*

My course is on Risk and Security, so lots of hilarity about that kind of thing. One PhD student had a visit from some plain clothes police - well, they said they were police - about her movements, took her details, questioned her a lot - and she went to her supervisor all 'um, what the hell and help?' They think she's researching something that she isn't actually interested in, but is a kind of sideline to her research, bless. I love my course.
Let's hope Big Brother isn't watching. They'll think you're *Snape voice* UP TO SOMETHING.