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When muses attack

So I finally manage to kick Tony out of my story, and now Clint of all people won't shut up.

And I'm like, "Dude, I'm trying to eat breakfast here."

And he's like, "No, I want to tell you all about how Natasha and I met!"

And I'm like, "That's great, man, but my coffee is getting cold and I already skipped lunch for you yesterday."

And he's all, "My feelings for Natasha, let me show you them!"

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Yes. And Steve's there and his shoulder makes for such a good shoulder to cry on.

So really this is partly his fault too.

*gulps down the rest of breakfast and returns to the Fortress of Solitude whoops wrong comic Batcave nope Hall of Justice er Fortress-Cave-Hall of Obsessive Shiperdom*
Steve is such an enabler and a mother hen. He's over in my fic abusing his super soldier status to make sure Clint eats food.
Dialogue not included in the fic:

Clint: corn flakes are mushy.
Steve: They would have been crunchy if you didn't play with them for half an hour.