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Argh. I need to bounce some story ideas off somebody... but I have the sinking feeling that everyone is, you know, working on a Thursday morning/afternoon...

Okay, just in case people come across this post and can help... I've been *cough* rewatching the Central Park scene because it is pertinent to my interests. Obviously Clint, Natasha and Bruce come together, Tony comes in his sportscar, Steve comes on his motorcycle...

Oh, and the shot where they're walking towards the spot where Thor and Loki are going to beam up? Clint and Tasha are walking ridiculously close together. Like, arms touching. hers kind of bumping against his. I hadn't really noticed the first three times...

Anyway, when they leave, Steve's on the motorcycle again, Bruce takes his bag from Natasha and goes with Tony to be Science BFFs, and there's been several posts online about Tony's car because it's some fancy concept whatever. What I'm trying to figure out for fic purposes is what kind of car Clint and Natasha drive away in. It's gray, with a number on the back side panel - FPG712 and some kind of logo or design on the door. I keep squinting but I can't tell if it's the SHIELD logo or not. Thoughts?

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