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Woot woot.

Several agents and ship’s staff are loitering in the hallway, staring or trying not to stare, as Clint leaves Fury’s office, and he realizes that they must have been louder than he’d thought.

After a moment Rogers comes jogging after him. “Did you just get fired?”

Clint wants to laugh. He has to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all: at the last three weeks, at the way people move away from him instinctively as he hurries down the hall, at the inanity of the captain’s question. But he’s afraid if he starts to laugh he won’t be able to stop, and that won’t help Natasha.

“Come on,” he tells Rogers. “You heard Fury. Ten minutes.”

Frankly, there's way too much talking going on in this fic and not enough sexytimes. Sigh.
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Oooooooooooooooh. But there sounds like there might be a delicious helping of angst, and that's good too. o.o
Oh yeah, and Clint's a fun one to put through the ringer, doncha know. What I'm finding with this story, though, is that the dialog is coming a lot easier than the narration. I'm kind of focusing on the former right now and will have to go back later to pump up the angst.
Sometimes it's easier to get into the flow of the dialog, but it's not my favorite way to write. That's why as of late I've preferred writing stuff with a little less talking *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*
Just a small comment, ships have a "crew", not a "staff".

Aside from that, I'll be interested to read the whole fic once you get done, too much talking or not. =D
I lurk, but rarely post any more. The most consistent of my LJ activities is in the fandom_grammar community, to which I contribute a couple of times a quarter, and do a fair bit of beta work. Don't really have time for much else these days. :(
Working mostly. Got a new role in May of last year with a new manager and 7 direct reports, as well as an organisation change. So that's been very busy, with a fair amount of travelling - about once a month for most of this year.

And that's pretty much it. Rather boring to be honest, but that can be life sometimes.
Yeah, I was on the road at least one week a month from January through May - a couple of times twice in a month. I don't mind it too much, though it's been nice not to travel in June. I'm sure it will pick up again soon enough though.

That's kind of the cost of having the job that I do.
I guess it also depends on where you're traveling. I sure wouldn't want to be in the midwest right now...
That's for sure. And while I've hit Miami and Orlando this year, on business which means I see nothing but an office or conference facility, I've spent most of my time over there in the Bay Area - which makes sense given that my boss is based in Palo Alto.

But definitely wouldn't want to be anywhere near Colorado at the moment.
It's been all over the place for us. Father's day weekend it was 59 on the Saturday and 68 on Sunday, but it was 99 Wed, and 102 Thu! Cool yesterday, probably high 60's, and it's supposed to get back into the low 90's the next three days. And of course we get humidity that you don't normally get out there. I guess we'll see what the weather brings in the next couple of weeks.