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I apologize, f-list. I'm just a little fixated right now.

Know what else I love about The Avengers, which I definitely did not just rewatch on my computer? That the people who are most instrumental in actually taking out Loki - Hawkeye with the exploding arrow and Hulk with the smashing - were the ones that were used by Loki the most egregiously. It wasn't big-franchise man Tony or godly Thor finally getting the upper hand on his little brother... it was two of the more, shall we say, underrated Avengers? Some nice poetic justice there, ya know?
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Just another reason to love that wonderful movie. *happy sigh* I can only hope Avengers 2 is just as epic!
Yep, I'd noticed that too... it actually goes to one of the best things about the movie that I think can be laid specifically at Joss Whedon's feet. It was truly and ensemble piece... and *every* character had a bit of the story and got to fight their own battles.
Don't forget Natasha who managed to best Loki TWICE despite being called a Cunt.