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Oh goodness I am watching the Rifftrax (MST3Kesque) version of Captain America and eating carrots and it's not a good mix cause I'm gonna choke.

Erskine: Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing.

Snarktastic commentary: Don't let Ant Man become an Avenger.

ETA: And now guess what time it is? MI:4 time!

(Lord, I hope I can stomach all the Cruise...)

ETA2: Oh lord, this movie starts in Budapest. I may have just peed myself laughing.

I can see why JJ wanted to do this movie... it's essentially Alias.

ETA3: Jeremy Renner you ridiculously adorable man.
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Jeremy Renner you ridiculously adorable man.


Have you gotten to "JUMP!" yet? Because, oh. <3
My favorite line of the movie! I know I'm a little obsessed with him right now, but how could I not be?? ------------->

Also, I'm sort of working on a headcanon where Clint either worked for IMF before SHIELD, or he was undercover for SHIELD all this time. Because I'm crazy that way.
I've seen several people deciding before it even comes out that the new Bourne movie will be a Hawkeye prequel. I'm cool with that, too.