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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S01E17 - 21 Running Commentary

Hey it's purple time guy! Where you been, man?

Steve doing push-ups in the kitchen...

LOL Clint and Hulk should have popcorn.

Cap you're so old-school :D

The Negative Zone... sounds spooky.

Kang... isn't that the big green guy from The Simpsons?

"He could be the world's only hope... but he's being a real jerk about it."

Maybe you guys should try attacking all at once instead of one at a time...

Yeah, that's more like it.

New York City has to be, like, why are we always the ones having to deal with this crap? Go blow up Paris or Rome or something, you jerks.

"We're getting distress calls from all over!" Okay, I feel a little better then...

Every time someone says, "Avengers, assemble," a little part of me dies... laughing. If that line is in the next Avengers movie, it had better be said ironically.

Nick, yo' ship is getting its ass busted up.

So, uh, British flying horse man...

"I hate him. You know, when he's right." "That's how the rest of us feel about you."

Clint riding Hulk-back... bwa.

An army of violent robots... yeah this will obviously not end well.

Clint, buddy, I think you're starting to enjoy yourself a little too much... "That's how you free New York from an army of time-traveling robots."

No, I don't have a life, why do you ask?

Hey, quit walking in slow-motion, we're kind of in a hurry here!

Come on, Thor's had worse than a little fall out of orbit...

"I don't want to backseat drive or anything, but you may want to consider shooting back." "Be my guest." "Cool..."

"That clinches it, I'm a good shot with anything." XD

Oh Clint, you look so much better out of the purple...

I'm starting to think Jan has ADD or something.

By all means, let's go back to attacking him ONE AT A TIME.

Kang, yo' suit is getting its ass busted up.

That was somewhat... anticlimatic.

Hi Reed!

Oh and here we go with the evil robots...

Ooh I'm almost at episode 21. Might as well keep going...

Hey it's the White Walkers! How did they get here from Westeros?

LOL hanging out by the pool... that's some bikini, Jan. And Clint totally has a crazy tanline.

"Remind me to hurt Hawkeye when we're done here."

"I'm starting to think Wasp and Hawkeye are the smart ones." "I did not think there was any question."

Hey you two, less witty banter, more butt-kicking...

Thor you big dummy.

Hey Girl Loki's back.

Hulk doing laps is cracking me up.

"Some magic box from Imagination Land". Heheh.

Ice Dinosaur... Bird Things!

Ha! Fantastic Four crossover, I love it. Even more amusing when you consider Cap and Human Torch are both Chris Evans :D

"You have irony, right? In Asgard?" "Indeed, we do have irony. Just as you are having some right now."

The Dark Elves. Sounds like a punk band.

Ew, he pulled a Voldemort.

"What happened?" "I beat everybody, and you guys totally missed it."


*sigh* His feels for her are so complicated...

"There's nothing to enjoy about fighting." "You're doing it wrong then."

Agent Hill, tsk tsk.

Oh. No. Ant Man is attacking. With the power of ants.

"Which part? Framing me, or beating me up?" Bwahahaha.

"And I thought Jan and I had problems." Okay Hank, you get some points for that one.

Oh Steve you cornball.

Baddie on baddie violence. Wake me up when we're back to Natasha and Clint being awesome.

SHIELD seriously needs to get its priorities straight.

"You're sure you can make this shot?" "He'll make it." <3

Hey look, Hank's being useful.

Took you long enough, fellas.

Hill you so stoopid.

"Everyone relax... I'm here to save the world. Again."

"See? Fighting is fun." Gotta go with the Hulk on this one.

"Strucker. By the order of SHIELD, you are under arrest." "Yeah, take that." *claps*


Hmmmm he saved dumbass Bucky...
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