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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S01E14 - 16 Running Commentary

I just can't help myself. Besides, the last episode gave me Feelings.

It's a peaceful day in New York, with little in-jokes about the X-Men...

"Everybody knows this is where I shop." Okay, Wasp is kinda growing on me? Her personality, not her powers.

This is why you should never go chase super-villains without backup...

Okay, I appreciate the credits changing to reflect who's on the team... that's a nice touch.

I <3 you, Clint. Despite the purple.

Oh Panther dude, you're hilarious.

Uhoh, this isn't looking good...

Is Clint going to have to save everybody again? Because that would be awesome.

Hey Thor has his own landing pad.

Okay, I guess Clint and Panther (I keep forgetting his name) can save everybody.

How just barely unconscious does someone have to be that throwing some water in their face wakes them up?

Once again, the biggest mistake both sides make is not just KILLING their enemies while they have the chance. I know, I know, it's a cartoon...

Purple on purple violence!

Smug!Clint... heheheh

Please let this not be a Hank episode. Please please please.

LOL Jan trying to make Hank jealous.

Sigh. This is going to be a Hank episode, isn't it?

"Call your team in. Especially Invisible Monster Detector Man." Oh yeah, he's totes my favorite Avenger.

It's the Iron Giant!

Yeeeeeah I don't trust this fella.

Ooh Skrulls!

Yay genocidal robots. NOT.

Also: Excuse me, but where is my purple boyfriend?

Waitaminute, his name is Mar-Vell? Oh, that's subtle.

That thing's a walking Swiss Army Knife of evil.

Seriously, you're going to have this conversation now?

Uhoh, robot, you pissed off the Wasp. /sarcasm

Does she ever not wear the stupid costume? I think I could take her more seriously...

Okay I was going to stop, but the next episode is called Widow's Sting!

Weeee Clint is awesome.

"Director Fury wants a word with you, Barton." "Good, because I want a word with him, too."

Hmm, he quit, eh?

Playing the lone wolf again, I see. "At least he didn't punch anyone."


I do love me some exploding arrows.

"I've never met a man so tired of being alive."

Um, backup? Or... ah, this is all part of the plaaaaaan...

Who's the green chick? (ETA: Viper?)

Er is there a reason they're letting Clint keep his arrows? Arrows that can, ya know, explode?

"It sounded more like a suggestion than an order." Heheh.

Man, Clint has some serious feels going on when it comes to Natasha.

Is the Cube... the Cube?

Aww teamwork <3


"You could never take me hand to hand, Clint." HELLO FANON.

Geesh Natasha, cutting it a little close, weren't you?

*has more feels*
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Poor Wasp. She's a bit more interesting in the comics. Then again I also want to give her a chance after what happened to her in Ultimatum, because no one deserves that. *shudders*

Ant Man is rediculous, I don't understand the people who want him in the movie. I can't take him seriously as a cartoon or in the comics, there's no way I could take him seriously on screen.
Ant Man, in the toon at least, just kind of comes across as a weenie science nerd who wants to TALK with the bad guys about all their problems. It's gotta be obvious eventually that that's not gonna happen.

Plus, his name is ANT MAN. He rides around on a flying ANT. *facepalm*
I know. Whenever I see people going "Why wasn't Ant Man in the movie?" my first thought is always "Maybe because his name is ANT MAN."

I find it hard enough to take a character with the name Captain America seriously.
I know. Whenever I see people going "Why wasn't Ant Man in the movie?" my first thought is always "Maybe because his name is ANT MAN."

Bwaha. Seriously, I had never even heard of him before this 'toon.

I find it hard enough to take a character with the name Captain America seriously.

I think it works only because the name was given in a different, less ironic era ;) Ant Man has no such excuse...
And when she says she's sorry. GUH. I was so gutted. It made me feel so much better because I could NOT cope with evil!Nat
I haven't watched any of these. Is your commentary more hilarious with context? Because it's cracking me up at moment *gins*.
Wisecracking: just one of the many services I offer.

Actually... it's the main service I offer, so I'm glad that someone's getting something out of it ;)