OMG love!

You seriously must watch MI4. MUST. WATCH.

OK in the rope thread I saw that you're on summer vacay so you must rectify this IMMEDIATELY!

Also I shall take a bit of Renner before I go.
It is FOR SURE on my to-watch list, along with the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes which is OMG amusing me really more than I think it should...

Enjoy the Renner :D
All of the Renner pretty picture today go me in the icon making mood as well, heh :D I love your cropping especially on 3, 9, 12...well, all of them really!
These are all so lovely! I am partial to 3, 6, 7, 10, and 13. Very well done!
Oh my freaking goodness /flails

May I please snag 10 and very possibly 11 for my DP?? *puppy do eyes*

MI4 is so good! I haven't seen any of the others but it was totally worth it for Mr. Renner. His butt in that movie is to die for~
Whoops, how did I miss this comment? Yes, snag away :)

And good lord, that man's butt deserves a medal for MI4.
Beautiful icons! :) I will of course credit, when I use them. THX! :)