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Sleepers 2 snippet

In honor of me almost being done with Chapter One of my Sleepers sequel (I really need to come up with a better name than that) here is a snippet. I debated actually posting this, because I think it gives away a lot of the main plot, but it's only about 16 pages into the fic so I figured that there isn't much plot to give away!

Also a spoiler for Prophecy here. This sucker takes place after Full Circle.

Jack spun towards Carter. "It wasn't destroyed?" he hissed.

"I reported to General Hammond on it, sir, but I didn't think..." She sighed, shook her head. "The material it's made out of is naqueda-based, but there's some other kind of mineral in there as well. We tried to destroy it, but it's nearly indestructible. It wouldn't melt, wouldn't crack..."

"Here's an idea," he snapped, "bury the damn thing." He wasn't mad at her, not really... but damn it, why had she had to go and tell him the truth? At least when it was none the wiser he'd had plausible deniability on his side... not to mention he hadn't had to worry about SGC scientists running around with the dubious gift of fortune telling quite literally on their hands. Scientists... or worse.

As though reading his mind, Carter responded quickly. "It's somewhere safe, somewhere the NID can't get to it, and no one's come in contact. It might as well have been destroyed," she said, almost apologetically.

"You underestimate the resourcefulness of the NID," chided Teal'c. "If they were aware that we were in possession of a device that can foretell the future--"

"But we're not," Jonas disagreed. "Hardly any of Colonel O'Neill's hallucinations actually happened."

"Oh, like your visions were so accurate," Jack mumbled.

Jonas paused but otherwise ignored him. "To the NID, wouldn't bad information be worse than no information at all?"

"You underestimate the stupidity of the NID," said Carter.
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