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Bah, I hate research.

A certain pair of characters are insisting on having breakfast in a cafe in Paris. Having never been in a Parisian cafe, I'm not really sure how to write this. The Internet is of limited help in this case since (a) the menus, which I'm interested in checking out, are all in this strange Frenchy language, and (b) I'm really looking for more about the feel of the place than specifics.


ETA: Okay, it's not great, but it'll do, pig. It'll do.
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Been awhile since I was there, but I usually think of those places as outdoor, small tables and bistro chairs. I never really looked at the menu (my French is terrible), so for the linguistically challenged it's easier to go with some kind of pastry and a cup of coffee. Probably more interesting is what part of the city they are in. Also, I'm not sure if the outdoor thing would be an issue for two people who like having their backs against the wall. Hmmmm, indoor might be more their style...
Yeah, I decided to put them inside and stuck with coffee, which seemed safer than an actual meal. I put it on Rue de la Roquette because according to wiki it has lots of restaurants and cafes and stuff, but I'm hoping it's not too trendy or anything. Does it ring any bells for you?
It doesn't ring a bell, but it's been several years. I say trust the wiki and write on!

psst-- part 4 is up. :)