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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S01E03-5 - running commentary

Because nothing makes you look more innocent than flinching and pulling down your hat when you see a cop car...

"Definitely decaf." Heh.

There goes another perfectly good outfit...

Pummel... smash... jump around... yawn...

Hey decapitated bad guy head. That's kind of dark...

Yay! Clint and Natasha!

Okay. That costume is really bad. Teehee.

Cartoon Clint is chattier than Movie Clint. I think it's a side effect of the terrible costume.

"Clint?" "Access denied." LOL.



Poor Clint...

Hey mustache guy!

So, um, Bucky is his teenaged sidekick or what?

Hey Red Skull dude, you're monologuing.

Can someone explain how the little fairies fit into all this?

Oh so that's Baron von Old Guy from the first episode?

"Bucky you dumbaaaaaaaaaass!" *splash*

I see everyone wore bell bottoms in the 40s, too.


Gee, how did Ant Man not make it into the movie franchise? /sarcasm

Honey I Shrunk The Bad Guys!

And there's also a Bee Girl, apparently.

Er, Wasp. Whatever.

Hank, you're a weenie.

*gives Nick a thumbs-up*

"Black Panther" always makes me think of Forrest Gump: "Sorry I had to fight in the middle of your Black Panther party. ."
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Natasha's changing accent drives me crazy.

Ant Man was supposed to be in the movie - played by Nathan Fillion! I'm still holding out for Avengers 2 with that bit of casting and Aldis Hodge as Panther.

I don't give a crap if Wasp never appears. Even in the comics, she's kind of annoying.
I'd like to see Black Panther and Wasp in the next movie, but Ant Man... yeah. I can't take him seriously, ever.

Plus in the Ultimates comics he's an abusive bastard who beats up Wasp repeatedly and then tries to murder her. Since this was my first exposure to Ant Man I'm not fond of him and probably never will be.

Plus in the Ultimates comics he's an abusive bastard who beats up Wasp repeatedly and then tries to murder her.


Er, that kind of thing happen a lot in comic books?
More often than I'd like, but this was exceptionally bad. :(

Ultimates was Marvel's attempt to have a more Watchmen-esque alternate universe version of the Avengers, but they handled it really, really poorly. Everyone was written as a complete douchebag for no reason and the treatment of female characters was appalling.

Interestingly, movieverse!Clint and to an extent Natasha seem to have been based more on their Ultimate incarnations than the main comics universe. But they're written a lot better in the movie, especially Natasha. Clint's costume in the movie is what he wears in Ultimates.