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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S01E02 - running commentary

The title sequence might be a teensy bit OTT.

Code blue... supervillains.

What's the code for supervillains with really terrible costumes?

*snorts loudly at Cartoon Thor* Wow these doofuses are kind of making you look bad, buddy.

Jane Foster's a paramedic? Wut? I kind of dig her hair, though.

OMG snow this can't be good.

Thus far Cartoon Asgardians are much less impressive than their movie counterparts. Thor's biggest power seems to be the ability to get beat up a lot.


Heimdall, you have a beard! And you're white!

*facepalms a lot*

At least these Frost Giants actually live up to their names what with being GIANT and all.

Loki you have such long beautiful hair! What shampoo do you use? Also, did you realize you are wearing bell bottoms?

That helmet is FABULOUS.

Isle of Silence = actually kinda creepy.

So... Loki has a girlfriend?

Oh Loki. Isn't that kind of evil "mwahahaha" a little beneath you?
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