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Earth's Mightiest Heroes S01E01 - running commentary

So, Hydra's still kickin', eh?

... Wut, Fury has hair. That just seems wrong somehow.

Cartoon Pepper makes me LOL for some reason. I think it's the perfectly symmetrical freckles.

Is that the HeliCarrier? Looks like a scaled-down model from the movie ;)

Mandroid??? Did they really just say that?

Let's face it. SHIELD employs some people who aren't all that bright.

Okay, one more time: MANDROID?

Hmm, Cartoon Maria has some 'tood. Also a pair of cans.


"Get me the Black Widow!" Yay magic words! I actually clapped.

Are all the Hydra guys like 70 years old? And... greenish?

Is Baron von Old Guy the baddie from Captain America?

I have to admit, I'm kind of enjoying watching Fury being badass, rather than just an admin--

WAITAMINUTE did he suit just grow wings?
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