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@#$%^&*( I need to be getting ready for school and Natasha wants to tell me about how she and Clint met. DAMN YOU FANDOM.

(I didn't mean it, fandom baby, I love you, really, I know I can change you, this can all work out, it'll be beautiful...)
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Ah yes... forgot the 'er'. Let me try this again.

Hee hee! This fandom makes people crazier! :)

Much better. *nods*
Oh, dear. I feel I should really be concerned about you. And instead, I'm thinking, "how did they meeeeeeeeet?????"
LOL. Yay, someone cares!

Another snippet because I luff you:

“You know where to find me.”

And she does. It’s a penthouse apartment with frosted glass walls and a wraparound balcony; it’s where her target was supposed to have been staying until he unexpectedly cleared out and Robin Hood moved in. He spends most of his time out on the balcony, sitting with his legs dangling out over the edge and his arms folded on the wrought-iron railing, bow in his lap. Sometimes he watches her watch him from her abandoned townhouse a block away, and sometimes he pretends he doesn’t even know she’s there.
Yup. It's the 'master assassin' version of catching the cute guy's/girl's eye from across the bar...
Very excited to hear that The Crazy has gone in this direction. I can't get enough first meeting fics. ;)
Well, it's more of an interlude in the companion fic I'm already doing. Natasha is jumping around in the narrative a lot - she's definitely not as linear as Clint - and I'm just kind of letting her share :)
Yup. I'm thinking it's going to be quite a bit more long-winded than the original :/