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I'm going to go see The Avengers again today!

Shh, don't tell my family, they already think know I'm a weirdo!
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Shh, don't tell mine I went twice when I'm a poor student ;)
I'm going backwards through my f-list and honestly, you're going to get me into Avengers fandom (you and penknife and grav_ity and probably dbalthasar, too) simply by sheer volume of posts.

I have decided that when I finish this fic, I shall go and watch Avengers again as a reward. And because you're making me feel like I'm missing out. :P
Bwahaha *gives herself a nice little pat on the back*

Honestly -- there's snark and angst and pretties and THE projectable ship and the people in the fandom are awesome. What's not to love???