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Okay, sports fans, Microsoft Word has been officially opened for a Natasha-POV companion piece to An Arrow, Discarded.

No promises... I'm not gripped by the unholy demon spawn of a plot bunny for this one - yet - and I'm a little more nervous writing Natasha for a couple reasons. One, she just strikes me as a more complex character overall. Two, most of what I 'know' about her backstory is probably a mix of comics and fanon/headcanon and who knows where that all lines up with the movieverse. Three, there's already so much good Nat-centric fic out there, and I find myself wanting to avoid some of the common themes and character traits without making the character unrecognizable.

That said, I'm up for the challenge (even though I still kind of want to see the movie again... might have to make do with watching Nat's parts from IM:2) and interested in writing a real companion piece, where Nat's narrative parallels Clint's, while still keeping it interesting for readers who are familiar with AAD.

Damn you, fanfiction!
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