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Avengers (Clint/Natasha) fanmix - Sugar & Cyanide

adele - hiding my heart

This is how the story went
I met someone by accident

needtobreathe - keep your eyes open

Don’t let the fear become the hate, don’t take the sadness to the grave
I know the fight is on the way when the sides have been chosen

christina perri - distance

I wish we would just give up, 'cause the best part is falling
Call it anything but love

daughtry - break the spell

As you can see you're the part of me
That's keeping me alive

maroon 5 - how

I'm asking for your help
I am going through hell
Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice

parachute - you and me

If it was you and me against the world,
Baby, they've got our number but we'll take whatever we want

seether - tonight

Like sugar and cyanide these worlds are gonna collide
I want to yell it from the rooftops down until it's over, and we're older

Download @ mediafire
Thank you! There are so many fabulous pretties out there that I knew I couldn't compete with, so I decided to go minimalist :)
Ooh, this looks awesome! Already know and love the Needtobreathe and Seether songs, and like the rest of the artists, so I'm pretty sure I'll love the entire thing!

And the artwork is very pretty! Thank you for making this!
Thank you! I heard the Needtobreathe and Seether songs on the radio, so I thought those might be fairly well known, but hopefully not to the point that they've been overplayed. As for the others, I guess my MO when it comes to fanmixes is I like to take artists most people know and find something of theirs that's a little more obscure, that doesn't get radio play, and of course artists I enjoy :)
Thanks! Initially I only heard the end of the Seether song, but when I caught that line I was like, "OMG I'm using that in my fanmix, I don't even care if the rest of the song fits". And it did! The God of Fanmixes was smiling down upon me.
this is gorgeous - both the artwork and your song choice. Downloading, thanks :)