Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

Avengers (Clint/Natasha) fanmix - Sugar & Cyanide

adele - hiding my heart

This is how the story went
I met someone by accident

needtobreathe - keep your eyes open

Don’t let the fear become the hate, don’t take the sadness to the grave
I know the fight is on the way when the sides have been chosen

christina perri - distance

I wish we would just give up, 'cause the best part is falling
Call it anything but love

daughtry - break the spell

As you can see you're the part of me
That's keeping me alive

maroon 5 - how

I'm asking for your help
I am going through hell
Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice

parachute - you and me

If it was you and me against the world,
Baby, they've got our number but we'll take whatever we want

seether - tonight

Like sugar and cyanide these worlds are gonna collide
I want to yell it from the rooftops down until it's over, and we're older

Download @ mediafire
Tags: fanmix, movies: avengers, music
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